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Review of G-Pen Elite Vaporizer


The G-Pen Elite from Grenco Science is one of the best vape pens on the market currently. It has an elegant and stealth appearance with some advanced features. There are two version of this device; one is suitable for vaping dry herb, and the other one is for concentrates. You cannot use this device for vaporizing oils or e-juice. The Elite bears the same marks of quality as other devices from Grenco Science. The G-Pen is a cheaper alternative to similar-sized vaporizers like the Pax 2. Although it is cheaper, this device is just as impressive. It can heat up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in under a minute. It has a huge heating chamber, and it is easy to operate.


You will find the G-Pen Elite at any top vape store. This vaporizer usually costs about $140, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for only $129.


The packaging design of this Grenco Science device is top-notch. It comes in a circular black box which has Grenco’s ‘G’ logo on it. Inside the box, you will find the vaporizer as well as a pen tool and a brush, a USB charger, a card grinder, and a manual. You can tell that Grenco Science pays attention to the packaging of its devices.


The Grenco G-Pen is black. It looks like a remote control or a small hair clipper. The body of the device is mainly made of plastic, so it does not get hot when you are vaping. Although this device is made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. The device has some weight to it, and it has an ergonomic shape. It sits comfortably in hand.

The Elite is a perfect device for vaping discreetly in public. It does not look like a vaporizer. You can hold this vaporizer in public without attracting many glances.


The G-Pen has a very basic design. You have the mouthpiece on top. The heating chamber sits just below the mouthpiece. You need to remove the top cap to access the heating chamber. The heating chamber of this device is made of ceramic. There are some small holes at the the chamber. You will find three buttons on the body of this vaporizer for operating it. To turn it on, you need to click the power button five times. There is a screen on the body of the Elite that shows the temperature and battery level. It is not difficult to navigate through the menu of this vaporizer and change the settings.

Heating Chamber

The Elite has a very large heating chamber for its size. You can fit up to 0.75 grams of dry herb into this device. The good thing is that the device performs excellently whether you fill the chamber or leave it partially empty. Since the heating chamber is made of ceramic, you will not get any burnt taste from the device. The G-Pen is known for producing clean vapor. The temperature range of this vaporizer is 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose to view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The device automatically stores the last temperature that you set each time you turn it off.

Battery Life

The G-Pen Elite vaporizer has a 2200 mAh battery which is non-removable. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to recharge the battery when it is empty. The battery life of this device is pretty good. It can last up to 15 vaping sessions or more. Depending on how frequent you vape, you can go for up to 72 hours before you will need to recharge it.


You will have no problems cleaning the Elite vaporizer. You simply need to turn the chamber upside and tap on the sides to remove any herb remnants. The package includes a brush that you can use to clean it.


  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Precision temperature control
  • Large ceramic heating chamber
  • Loads of vapor and great flavor
  • Good battery life


  • Mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use
  • Vapor can be a little warm sometimes
  • Battery is non-replaceable and the device does not support pass-through

You will find many other top-notch herb vaporizers like the G-Pen Elite on Ejuice Pack. The store sells all types of vaporizers as well as e-liquids and vaping accessories.

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Lemonade E-Liquid by VapeJoose Review


Lemonade by VapeJoose is a sweet and sour vape that captures the classic lip-smacking taste of lemonade. This has to be one of the best lemonade e-liquids ever made. The lemon flavor is rich, but it will not overwhelm your taste buds. Since Lemonade has a simple flavor, it is perfect for mixing with other flavors when you want to create a blend. You can mix this VapeJoose e-liquid with a menthol e-juice to give it an icy cool twist. This is most definitely an all day vape.

You can purchase Lemonade and other VapeJoose e-liquids from the company’s online vape shop. This e-juice comes in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles which cost $6.99, $9.99, and $18.99 respectively. You can buy vape juices in bulk or small quantities from the store.

Lemonade by VapeJoose has a very strong lemon flavor. It is very tart and has a mellow sweetness to it. One of the only complaints that vapers have had about this e-juice is that they wish it is a bit sweeter. You can mix it with a sweet e-juice if you want to give it a sweeter taste. This lemonade e-liquid smells a bit like lemon pledge. The taste of Lemonade does not change much on the inhale and exhale. The sour flavor stands out very much on the exhale. You will not get any hint of chemical or artificial flavor from it.

Unless you order Lemonade from VapeJoose’s line of pre-steeped e-liquids, there is no guarantee that this e-juice will come pre-steeped. Steeping allows the flavorings and other ingredients used to make an e-liquid to mix well so you will get the true taste when you vape it. The length of time that you need to steep an e-juice varies depending on its flavor. You can steep Lemonade for one to two weeks. Steeping works best for e-liquids that contain nicotine.

VapeJoose allows you to choose the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of this e-liquid based on the type of vaping device that you’ll be using. Lemonade comes with a VG/PG ratio of either 50/50, 70/30 or MAX VG (possibly 80vg or 90vg). The 50vg/50pg version is for vaping with a starter kit while the MAX VG version is reserved for drippers. You can vape the 70vg/30pg blend using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Lemonade will not darken your coils and wick. You can vape this e-juice for a long time before you will need to clean your coils and change your wicking material. The vapor production of Lemonade is unbelievably good. The size of the clouds of vapor that you will get from vaping this e-liquid depends on the VG/PG ratio that you select. You will get much more huge clouds of vapor from an e-liquid with MAX VG and 70vg than one with 50vg.

Lemonade by VapeJoose comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 24mg of nicotine. Most vapers can get a good throat hit from an e-liquid with 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. However, heavy smokers and vapers who have a thing for a hard throat hit may need to go for 12mg or 24mg of nicotine to get an equally good throat hit. Lemonade and all VapeJoose e-liquids are made with nicotine salts so you will not get any throat irritation from vaping it.

Lemonade comes with the same simple packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids from VapeJoose. It is packed in a clear bottle which has an attractive label on it. The label contains some information about the e-liquid like its nicotine level, batch number, and a lot more. You will have no problems filling a tank or pouring the e-liquid on your coils straight from the bottle.

VapeJoose is an e-juice maker based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This company has only been around for a few years but has also earned a solid reputation thanks to its wide collection of premium vape juice blends which are sold affordably. All VapeJoose e-liquids are made in small batches with top-quality ingredients to ensure that they are up to standard. This company makes not only fruity e-liquids but also candy, tobacco, beverage, pastry, cereal vapes and many others.

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Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC Kit With NRG Tank Review


The Revenger is the first device from Vaporesso that can produce up to 220 watts. The device runs on the OMNI board 2.0 chipset and comes with all the usual features that you expect to find in a powerful mod including temperature control. The mod has a sleek and eye-grabbing design which makes it stand out from other devices out there. This vape kit is suitable for intermediate and seasoned vapers. The device is available in three different colors; red, blue, and black.

Revenger TC Mod

The Revenger mod is made of aluminum alloy. It has an aesthetic design with curved edges. The mod looks very sleek with its glossy finish. While the finishing of the mod is very elegant, it does tend to be a fingerprint magnet. But that is not a major issue. Overall, the design of this mod is ergonomic. It has an in-mold labeling case which gives a premium feel, and it fits easily in a grip. It is lightweight. The dimensions of the device are 89mm by 45mm by 28mm.

On top of the Revenger mod, there is a stainless steel 510 threading. Unlike other mods that you will find on the market today, the 510 connection is situated in the middle of the device. This unique design means that the mod can fit some atomizers with a diameter of up to 28mm without any overhang.

There is a large square firing button on the side of the Revenger mod. The button protrudes a bit so it is easy to click and it is very responsive. You will hear a slight rattle from the firing button when you shake the device, but no other button on this device has that issue so it can be overlooked.

The Revenger TC Mod runs on dual 18650 batteries. The battery compartment is located at the back of the device. The battery door fits on tightly, and you never have to worry about it falling off. The device comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. The Revenger supports 2.5A quick charging. Also, it comes with upgradeable firmware.

On the front of the Revenger mod, there is a 0.96 inch OLED screen with two buttons below it for controlling the settings of the device. The screen is clear, and the user interface is simple to navigate.

As indicated above, this Vaporesso mod is built with the OMNI board 2.0 chipset which allows it to support temperature control and a lot of other features. You can fire the device from 5W to 220W. It can be used in normal wattage mode as well as temperature control, TCR, Bypass, and more. The mod is compatible with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel heating elements in temp control mode. It supports a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The resistance range of the device is 0.05 ohm to 5 ohm.

Vaporesso NRG Tank

The Vaporesso NRG is an impressive tank. It looks a little similar to the tanks in Smok’s TFV8 line. The tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The dimensions of the NRG tank are 56mm by 26.5mm, and it weighs 66g. The tank can hold 5ml of e-juice. It has a top-filling design with a slide-and-fill mechanism like the one you will find on Smok tanks. There are two large adjustable airflow slots at the base section of the tank for controlling your vaping experience. The tank is also fitted with a unique mesh drip tip with a honeycomb-like structure that prevents spit back. To add to that, the package includes a drip tip adapter so you can use your own drip tip on the tank.

The NRG tank comes with specially designed GT Cores coils. The tank comes pre-installed with the GT8 0.15 ohm coil head. You will find the GT4 0.15 ohm coil head in the package. You can easily find replacement coil heads for this device. Vaporesso even has an optional 0.2 ohm coil head and a 0.5 ohm coil head with ceramic wicking.

The Vaporesso Revenger Starter Kit with the NRG tank is available on Premium eJuice Samples for only 99.99 CAD ($79.89).

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LYX Vapors Menthol E-Liquid Review

menthol1 (1)

Menthol is another masterpiece e-liquid from LYX. It is one of the flavors in the LYX Classic line. This line is dedicated to classic flavors that have stood the test of time. Apart from Menthol, the other flavors in the LYX Classic line are Doc Holiday (which has pure tobacco flavor) and Coil Killa (which is based on the sweet taste of desserts). Menthol has a full blast of the icy coolness of menthol flavor. If you want an e-liquid that is different from other highly sweet e-liquids with menthol flavor out there. Menthol is an all day vape. However, those who can’t stand the strong menthol flavor may want to change the e-juice or mix it with others.

Menthol by LYX Vapors is one of those e-juice blends that you can vape at any time of the day, and in any weather condition. Whether you are under the scotching sun or in the blistering cold, Menthol does not disappoint. Another impressive feature of this LYX e-liquid is that you can mix it with just about any other e-juice and the result will be fantastic. This is because it is composed of straight menthol flavor. The taste of this e-liquid does not change much on the inhale and exhale. The most noticeable different when vaping Menthol is that the icy coolness of menthol becomes stronger as you exhale. Overall, the blend is done well. This e-liquid is as close to enjoying pure menthol flavor as you can get on a vaping device.

LYX Vapor’s Menthol has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. It does not have a very thick texture. However, it is suitable for dripping. The taste of this e-liquid is excellent whether you choose to drip it or vape it from a sub ohm tank. The vapor production of LYX’s Menthol is remarkable. You will get lots of dense clouds from vaping this e-juice. For the best clouds, you need to vape it on a powerful vape kit with a tank/RDA which is designed for producing gigantic vapor.

LYX’s Menthol comes with different nicotine concentration levels just like others in the company’s Classic line. You can get Menthol with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit of this e-liquid is very subtle. You can sense the cool menthol/minty flavor in the back of your throat more than you can sense any throat hit. If you want an intense throat hit from this e-juice, you are better off going for the version of Menthol with 6mg of nicotine.

Menthol comes with the same packaging design as other e-liquid flavors in the LYX Vapors Classic line. The e-juice is packed in a clear glass bottle with a black dropper cap. The fact that the bottle is transparent means you can see the exact level of the e-juice left in the bottle. However, it is also a source of concern because exposure to sunlight could affect the quality of the e-liquid. This means you need to keep the bottle in a dark place as much as possible.

LYX Vapors is a new brand that has been making a name for itself in the US market. The company, which came onto the scene in July, has three e-liquid lines in its collection. Apart from Menthol, the other e-liquids in the LYX Classic line are Doc Holiday and Coil Killa. You can get a 60ml bottle of each of these e-liquids on the company’s vape shop. While you can get a 60ml bottle of Coil Killa and Doc Holiday for $19.99 each, Menthol is going for $11.99 for 60ml. While this e-liquid may be cheaper than the rest, it has the same great quality.

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Broke Dick Prepaid Review

Cheap E Juice – 120ml for $11 – Made In The USA, Shipped Same Day – Mozilla Firefox 2017-10-01 15.32.11

There are several companies producing the best tasting e-liquids and Broke Dick is one of them. The company has been in the vaping industry for awhile and is still making waves. They offer the best e-liquids available on the market today. You can check out the company’s products on their website. Broke Dick is located in Clearwater Florida.

One of the best e-juices from Broke Dick is Prepaid. It has the real flavor of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and a hint of watermelon. You definitely will get hooked once you get to taste this e-juice for the first time.

Flavor Description           

Once you inhale the vapor from Prepaid, you right away can taste the real flavor of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry fruits. As these flavors seep into your mouth, you gradually can taste a hint of luscious watermelon that tantalizes your taste buds. The taste is so rich that it feels like drinking your favorite fruit drink in the comfort of your home. You will notice that there is no chemical aftertaste from this juice. Your mouth will not get dry nor will you feel thirsty with Prepaid. This is just the best e-liquid and you want to keep coming back for more. The sweetness is just right and you will never get tired of this e-juice. When you open a bottle of Prepaid, your mouth will water right away because of its sweet fruity scent. The mix is very distinct and you will want to vape all day with this cheap e-juice. You definitely will want this to be your everyday e-liquid. There are other products out there with a similar flavor but Prepaid is made to be the best by Broke Dick.

Nicotine Strength

There are three options for the nicotine strength from Prepaid by Broke Dick. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.


Prepaid by Broke Dick has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of 70/30. There are no issues vaping or dripping it because the juice has a medium level of thickness to it.

Throat Hit

Once you inhale the vapor from Prepaid e-juice, you will feel a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat. This sensation is just so soothing and does not irritate at all.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds are produced by Prepaid e-juice. These clouds do not disappear right away and are a sight to behold. You also can smell the sweet fruity scent coming from this juice. This scent lingers longer in the air. It also is very pleasant and does not irritate your nose.


Once you open a bottle of Prepaid e-juice, your mouth will water right away. You can smell the sweet fruity scent that all you want to do is indulge in its flavor. As you inhale the vapor from the e-juice, you will right away taste the real flavor of blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry fruits. These flavors settle in your mouth tastefully. As the flavors seep in, you will then taste the real flavor of delicious watermelon. The mix is just so delicious that it feels like drinking a glass of your favorite fruit flavored juice. You will not get tired of the taste because the sweetness is just right. What’s cool is there is no weird aftertaste once you inhale the vapor from this vape juice. You will be amazed at the impressive cloud production from this e-juice. These clouds linger longer in the air. You will want to vape all day with Prepaid because it gives out a mild throat hit. The sensation that you feel is so pleasant to your throat. The nicotine strengths to choose from are varied. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. This e-juice has been made from exquisite ingredients that it is evident from the juice’s rich flavors. The Prepaid e-juice is one of the best e-liquids available on the market today.

You can purchase two 120ml bottles of Prepaid or any other flavor Broke Dick has on a buy one get one deal for only $23.00. You right away can order these at This e-juice is one that you want to bring every day. You will enjoy vaping all day because the vape juice is so delicious. You have to get some of your own in order to taste it for yourself.




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Menthol Burst E-Liquid by Volcano Ecigs Review


If a blast of strong minty coolness is what you are looking for, then what you need is Menthol Burst by Volcano Ecigs. It is one of the e-liquids with the strongest menthol flavor that you will find on the market today. If you are looking for an e-liquid to vape during the winter season, this is it. Usually, menthol e-liquids are mixed with other flavors to create a blend, but this Volcano e-juice is purely menthol. It doesn’t get any better than this as far as the refreshing taste of menthol goes. The menthol flavor in this e-liquid is so spot-on that vaping it will remind you of enjoying Altoids.

Volcano Ecigs’ Menthol Burst is just as the name implies. You will get a rush of menthol flavor when vaping this e-juice. It is arguably the best menthol e-liquid on the market today. The best part is that it does not have any funny aftertaste. Since it is straight menthol, this e-liquid is perfect for mixing with other flavors to give your blend a touch of mint. The e-liquid goes very well with fruity flavors. Menthol Burst is not for everyone. If you do not dig menthol flavors, you may find that it is a tad too strong and it is not something you can vape all day. However, if menthol is your thing, you will be delighted by this Volcano blend. There’s a reason why so many vapers out there stand by Menthol Burst as being miles ahead of the others.

Menthol Burst by Volcano Ecigs has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50. It is suitable for vaping from an RDA or a sub ohm tank. The vapor production of Menthol Burst is pretty decent. You will get medium-sized clouds from vaping this e-juice. It is safe to say that cloud production is not the strong point of the blend.

Menthol Burst is available with different nicotine levels. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, or 24mg of nicotine. The throat hit of this e-liquid is simply perfect. At 3mg, the throat hit is not too strong or too weak. It delivers a nice kick to the back of the throat that compliments the minty coolness pretty well. For a more potent throat hit, you can opt for a version of this e-juice with a higher level of nicotine.

Menthol Burst by Volcano Ecigs comes pre-steeped so you are ready to start vaping once you get your hands on a bottle of this e-liquid. The e-liquid has a similar packaging design with other e-juice blends from Volcano Ecigs. It comes in a plastic bottle with a childproof cap.  There is a white and blue label on the bottle which contains some information about the product. You will not have any troubles filling your tank or dripping on your coil heads directly from the bottle.

Volcano Ecigs is one of the biggest names in the US vaping market today. The company makes both e-liquids and vaping hardware. Volcano has up to 40 different e-juice flavors to its name. This company, which has its headquarters in Hawaii, makes its e-liquids using USP grade VG and PG as well as other top quality ingredients. Menthol Burst is not the only e-juice with menthol flavor that Volcano Ecigs has to offer. The company also has a Classic Menthol e-liquid which is a mix of smooth menthol and tobacco flavor.

Menthol Burst was made for menthol lovers. The way it delivers a minty kick in your face is second to none. This is the kind of vape juice to vape when you are in between flavors. Menthol Burst comes in a 15ml and 30ml bottle which cost $12.99 and 19.99 respectively.

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Bird Brains E-Liquid by Cuttwood Review


Cuttwood does not usually make e-liquids that are in-your-face, but Bird Brains is an exception. This is an excellent blend of fruity cereal with nuts and creamy notes. Bird Brains is the latest e-liquid in Cuttwood’s impressive collection, and it is as good as Unicorn Milk and the other blends that earned this company a solid reputation. If you love cereal e-liquids, you need to try Bird Brains. It is completely different from other fruity cereal vapes out there. This is something to vape all day.

Bird Brain by Cuttwood has the flavor of fruity cereal with toasted nuts, bananas, and a touch of cream. The taste of fruity cereals in this e-liquid is very real. It even has that authentic cereal aftertaste. The banana flavor in this e-liquid is not prominent. You can pick out a medley of fruit flavors when vaping Bird Brains. There is a definite tinge of citrus in it. The milkiness is also quite mellow, but when you crank up the wattage, it becomes very creamy. The e-juice is on the sweet side. You probably will not enjoy it very much if you do not like sweet e-liquids. The assortment of flavors makes it taste richer than some other sweet e-liquids out there.

If you check out many reviews for Bird Brains, you are likely to come across some people who say that it tastes quite harsh. This could be possibly because it was not pre-steeped. Usually, all Cuttwood e-liquids are pre-steeped, but sometimes they are not. So, if you buy this e-juice and it doesn’t taste as it should, you need to give it some time to steep.

Cuttwood Bird Brains has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 65/35. The e-liquid performs well at high wattage. Whether you vape this e-juice on an RDA or a sub ohm tank, you will get great flavor. The vapor production of Bird Brains is not particularly phenomenal, but it is quite good. You will get a lot of clouds from this Cuttwood blend.

Bird Brains comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. Thanks to the different nicotine levels, every vaper can enjoy it. The throat hit of this e-liquid is quite good at 3mg to 6mg. Perhaps, the citrus flavor in it contributes to the throat hit. If you want a more powerful throat hit, you are better off going for a version of this e-liquid with a higher level of nicotine.

Bird Brains comes with the same packaging design that other e-liquids from Cuttwood have. The e-liquid is packed in a transparent glass bottle with a black childproof dropper cap. You will find a black label on the bottle with some information about the product. It is very easy to transfer e-juice to your coil head or your tank using the dropper cap.

Like other e-liquids from Cuttwood, Bird Brains comes in different sizes. You can get this e-juice in 16.5ml, 30ml, 60ml or a 120ml bottle. It costs about $14.95 for a 30ml bottle of Bird Brains on Combo Vape. You can also buy other Cuttwood blends from the same retailer for the same price. The other Cuttwood e-liquids available on the site are Mega Melons, Boss Reserve, Sugar Drizzle, and Unicorn Milk.

Cuttwood is one of the popular names in the US vaping market. This company, which is based in California, makes some top self e-liquids with high-grade ingredients. All Cuttwood e-liquids have a similar VG/PG ratio and are available in different nicotine levels. Cuttwood does not have a very large collection of e-liquids. However, all the blends that the company has on the market have been perfected.

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Asmodus Minikin 2 Mod Review


The Asmodus Minikin 2 mod is a completely revamped version of the original Minikin mod. On sight, you can tell that the Minikin 2 is not like its predecessors as it even has a different chassis shape. What Asmodus did essentially was to take the best features of all its Minikin mods and added some new ideas to create the Minikin 2. This mod is a befitting successor to the widely used original Minikin 200W TC mod.

The Asmodus Minikin 2 has a compact form. It is smaller than the previous Asmodus mods in the sense that it has a rounded chassis instead of a rectangular one. With that said, the Minikin 2 comes with a similar rubberized finish as the Minikin Boost and the Minikin Reborn. The cool silicone-like finish does not only make the mod easier to hold but also gives it a premium touch. The rounded design makes the device look like the Reuleaux RX200. It is more more comfortable to hold. It also makes the mod capable of fitting large atomizers without any overhang. You can fit just about tank or RDA with a diameter of 30mm or less on the Minikin 2. There is a spring-loaded 510 connector on top of this device for fixing your atomizer. You can get this mod is various colors including army green, black, coffee, gold, pink, purple, rainbow, and white. It costs up to $100 for this mod on some sites, but you can get it on Ultimate Vape Deals for $74.99.

The Minikin 2 is powered by dual 18650 batteries which can produce up to 180 watts of power. The package does not include batteries, so you have to purchase them separately. Like other Minikin mods, the battery compartment of the mod is located on its back, and it comes with a magnetic battery door that locks in firmly. The battery life of this Asmodus mod is tremendous. You can chain vape for several hours before you have to recharge the device. There are ventilation holes under the device to keep the device from overheating.

On the front of this Asmodus mod, you will find a large stainless steel firing button which looks like that of the Minikin Boost and Minikin Reborn. The button is quite responsive. Below the firing button on the Minikin 2, you will find a one-inch touchscreen. Unlike other mods with a touchscreen, the screen of the Minikin 2 is not very large. However, it is not difficult to navigate and control the settings. The screen on this mod displays all the usual setting information.

The Minikin 2 runs on the GX-180-HT chipset. It not only supports temperature control and normal wattage mode, but you can also use the device in TCR, TFR, and temperature curve modes like the Minikin Boost and Minikin Reborn. The Minikin 2 also features a puff counter and allows you set the duration of the fire. The device works with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils in temperature control mode and it supports a resistance range of 0.1 ohms to 2.5 ohms. The temperature curve of the Minikin 2 works just like it does on other Minikin mods. It allows you to set a five different wattages and the length of time that the device will fire at each wattage. This feature gives you better control over your vaping than the temperature control mode.

The Asmodus Minikin 2 comes with a micro USB cable for upgrading the firmware of the mod.

Perhaps, the only con that you will find with the Minikin 2 is that it is a bit bulky. If you were to throw it in your pocket, it would create a bulge, and it is quite heavy. Another thing is that its coating can be a fingerprint magnet.

Visit Ultimate Vape Deals for incredible vaping deals on e-liquids and hardware. You can get big discounts on many other Asmodus products on the site.

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Therion DNA 75 Box Mod Review Atomic Dog Vapor


For anyone who finds solace in vaping, I think you would agree with me when I say I found a gem in the DNA 75. I’m one person who feels calm and steady whenever I’m puffing out my e-liquids. Using this device somehow helped me achieve that peace and satisfaction.


The manufacturer for the Therion DNA 75 is Lost Vape. They are a China based manufacturer of premier luxury box mods. Founded in 2013, this vape company integrates top-technology with their manufacturering. They are considered to be the industry’s leader in luxury affordability. Their mission is to simply make consistent, intuitive, and high technology electronic cigarette products. Lost Vape makes use of well educated, experienced researchers and administrators to ensure their products will be the most outstanding in the industry. With their advanced chipset technology and guaranteed quality, they are regarded as one of the influential companies within the industry. Lost Vape maintains a strong and powerful corporate image; they are even considered to be the BMWs of the e-cig industry.


  • Dual 18650 High-Amp Battery – Sold Separately
  • Wattage Output Range: 1~75W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.6~6V
  • Min Kanthal Resistance: 0.25ohm
  • Min Temperature Resistance: 0.15ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
  • Intuitive OLED Display
  • Die Cast Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Genuine Leather Battery Door
  • Stunning Wood Panels Inserts
  • Three-Button Operation
  • Patented Evolv DNA75 Chipset
  • Upgradeable Escribe Software
  • 85% Output Efficiency
  • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Step Down Protection
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  • Stainless Steel 510 Thread Point
  • Spring-Loaded Nickel Plated Brass 510 Connection
  • Available in Yellow, Brown, Red, Black, and Italian Leather
  • NOTE: Wood panels might come in a different of black or brown wooden accents

Price Review

The Therion DNA 75 Box Mod costs $140-$150 online. However, I got my device for a good deal at only $99.99. It was pure luck, and perfect timing that I bumped into the online shop and they were having a clearance sale of their few remaining stock for this box mod.

Online shop

I got my device at They stock on an excellent collection of e-cig devices such as box mods, batteries, tanks, and much more.  I also noticed they have better prices than most online shops. As for their services, it was a walk in the park. From start to after sales, it was efficient and smooth. I have nothing bad to say about them.

Therion DNA75 Box Mod

The Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 box mod is one of the top of the line configuration device models with first class performance and customization options. It utilizes the Evolve DNA boards and Escribe software hence it delivers exemplary performance. The box mod is powered with dual 18650 parallel batteries. Its spring loaded gold-plated battery contacts guarantee a stable connection from turning it on to shutting it down. There is no delay in power delivery, too. You can power it up immediately upon firing; this is because of Evolve’s fast reacting DNA chips. I’m absolutely in love with this device!

Similar to other devices that make use of DNA boards, this mod is packed with functional features. The DNA 75 is a sight to behold. It has a trendy battery door that looks as good as its grip. Aside from the gold plate, it uses premium wood inlay putting forward striking craftsmanship and design. Lost Vape also included a retractable micro USB cable for charging which you can use for other mods.

Overall, the DNA 75 is right in size. It is easy to grip and lightweight as well. Based on my research, this box mod can fire up to 75W with 85% efficiency ratings. I must admit, since I started using this device, setting up and using my builds is a breeze. Vaping has become my stress reliever as it satiates my thirst and reduces my over-thinking stress. I often find myself chain vaping whenever I use this mod, it instantly perks up my vaping mood.

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Humble Collection Review

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Humble Juice Co is an American vaping company that started several years ago. They have been making waves as one of the most reliable suppliers of e-liquid. They have endeavored and aspired to be one of the top leading companies which serve premium e-liquid at realistic pricing. Truth be told, Humble Juice lives up to its mission and vision. Their flavors are amazing and have good profile selection. At present, they have three decadent collections; Humble, Hustle, and Havoc eLiquid.

Humble eLiquid is composed of ten flavors. This line is mostly cream and fruit based. The flavors from Humble Collection are as follows:

  • Pee Wee Kiwi
  • Vape The Rainbow
  • Sweater Puppets
  • Donkey Kahn
  • Berry Blow Doe
  • Smash Mouth
  • American Dream
  • Hop Scotch
  • Humble Crumble
  • Unicorn Treats

Without a doubt, my favorite from the line is Donkey Kahn. I think this one of their bestsellers. It  has a delicately smooth flavor. The taste of the strawberry, banana, and grapefruits mix suits my palates perfectly.

Check out how each flavor is accurately described by Humble Juice. This is one of the key features I like from this company; the description for each variation is spot on.

Pee Wee Kiwi

An elegant twist of Kiwi with a couple of slices of watermelon and apple with a pinch of citrus to finish it off. Enjoy!

Vape the Rainbow

Vape the Rainbow knows how to stand out in a crowd. A colorful yellow and cloudy rainbow sorbet mixed with fruit flavored candies and might be the sweetest juice around.

Sweater Puppets

Mango, cantaloupe, and a little bit of honeydew melon. This flavor is refreshing and pretty tasty.

Donkey Kahn

A beautifully blend of strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit. We highly doubt you will be disappointed.

Berry Blow Doe

An explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. This flavor is a mouthwatering, bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberry and raspberry flavoring. You’ll make a ‘popping’ statement carrying this juice with you. You’ll be a sucker without it!

Smash Mouth

A refreshing strawberry, graham cracker and custard mash-up that is sure to be your next all day vape.

American Dream

A Fruity Pebbles cereal treat with a citrus burst. This vape juice flavor that will tempt you to leave a 5-star review on our website and keep you coming back for more.

Hop Scotch

Toffee, vanilla, butterscotch custard is jam packed and loaded with flavor.

Humble Crumble

Reminiscent of Grandma’s homemade cobbler. This juice is a perfect mix of sweet blueberries, cinnamon, and a crispy, buttery, graham cracker crust. It may have you reaching for a cold glass of milk.

Unicorn Treats

A childhood cereal that is sure to make you reminisce. You’re welcome!

The Humble Collection is the self-titled line of Humble Juice Co, and this is regarded as the most famous among its three groups. These are all bottled at 120 ml. This is their mid-sized range while the other two comes in 60 and 180 ml sizes. The nicotine strength of this collection is available on three levels at 0, 3, and 6 mg. The bottle is made of a soft squeeze, clear plastic with a white child-resistant cap. The package also includes a separate cover for refilling; it comes with a glue tip edge.

The bottle has a transparent label with the Humble logo and the respective flavor printed on it. On the other side of the sticker is where you can find the warning measures for vaping. It also has a note stating that the product is pre-steeped for two weeks or longer. I find most of the flavors going well with the 3 mg nicotine strength since I like mine smooth and balanced. For those who wants a stronger punch then you can take the 6 mg.  Although it has been pre-steeped already, I still steep it for a week or more. That way, I feel like I can maximize the flavor potency and get rid of the strong scent. Other than that, the Humble Collection is a darling of the crowd. Most flavor concentration can easily be an ADV and instant favorites.

Top Flavor Recommendations

Fruity/Cereal – American Dream

Fruity/Creamy – Smash Mouth

Fruity/Menthol – Sweater Puppets

Banana Goodness – Donkey Kahn

If you’re on the lookout for affordable vape liquid, any flavor from the great Humble Collection of HJC should be your next choice!

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