Cheap eJuice makes the best e-liquids for your vape. The Peach flavored e-juice is one of its best products. You can vape all day with this e-liquid because the peach fruit flavor is so distinct that you just want to get more of its taste. The company is located in Costa Mesa, California but you are able to purchase this product online.

Flavor Description 

The Peach by Cheap eJuice has the real peach fruit flavor. When you inhale the juice, you right away taste it and the best thing is it lingers in your mouth. This flavor is so refreshing that you want to vape all day. There is no chemical after taste with this e-juice, you also do not feel thirsty nor is there any dryness in your mouth. The company has nailed it with this product. There may be other e-juices out there with a similar flavor but this one from  Cheap e Juice is one of the best. The flavor tantalizes your taste buds and it is so rich. You do not get tired of its rich flavor. You even want to keep coming back for more. This is a perfect e-liquid for everyday vaping. There is a certain refreshing feel when using this juice for your vape. It is perfect not only for a summer day but for your daily consumption. It is one product that you must try. Trying it will not make you regret it.

Nicotine Strength

There are two options for the nicotine concentration on this product. You may get the 3mg if you want milder nicotine in your juice or the 6mg for a stronger one. These two variations are filled with the rich peach fruit flavor.


The Peach by Cheap eJuice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 70vg/30pg. this juice has a medium thickness level. There are no issues vaping the juice from a tank or dripping it.

Throat Hit

This product provides you a mild throat hit. There is a small sensation that travels in at the back of your throat when you inhale the juice. This is not unpleasant at all. In fact, it is a soothing sensation that you forget you are actually vaping. The rich flavor seeps into our throat gradually.

 Vapor Production

You will notice that this product produces thick clouds when you exhale. There is also the sweet aroma of peach that lingers with the clouds. The clouds produced when using the Peach flavored e-juice by Cheap eJuice do not disappear right away. It stays longer on the air and is a very pleasant sight to witness.


Cheap eJuice has definitely made this product with all the exquisite ingredients. You actually can taste the real fruit flavor of peach as you vape. There are others that come up with similar flavors but this one from Cheap eJuice is one of a kind. You cannot resist trying it even from just smelling it. What is great about this juice is it is really cheap. The Peach flavored e-juice is only $11.99 for a 120ml bottle. You are able to purchase this product right away at


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