Franchising: A Marketing Strategy You May Not Have Considered

Do you have a successful cigarette supply business but don’t know how to expand it? Do your customers love your vaping products and services and often tell you that you should take your business nationwide? (or worldwide?) Do you have a unique e-liquid business concept that if you could just get people to sell it… Continue reading Franchising: A Marketing Strategy You May Not Have Considered

Smoking vs Vaporizing

People smoke mainly to extract the active, stimulating substances from plant materials (like tobacco). This is the primary means of consuming herbs and plant material, setting them on fire and inhaling the smoke that results from the burning. However, did you know that you could still get the active ingredients from a plant without burning… Continue reading Smoking vs Vaporizing


If you’re new when it comes to e-cigs and vaping, chances are you’ve heard plenty of terms mentioned, and haven’t got a clue what they actually mean. For instance, you’ve probably heard the term Cartomizer, and while you know that it helps produce the vapor, you may not know exactly how it works, or how… Continue reading WHAT IS A CARTOMIZER ANYWAY?