7 Vape Juice Flavors to Enjoy This Summer

Summer is here and the heat is on. At this time of year, we want to enjoy something refreshing. There are many e-juice flavors that are perfect for summer season.  So much that it can be a bit challenging to choose the best e-liquid to enjoy this summer.

Here are my top picks for the best summer vape flavors from Slim’s E-Juice.

  1. Blue Ice E-Juice

What’s more refreshing than a frozen drink on a hot day. Blue Ice is one of my favorite summer vape liquids from Slim’s E-Juice. It has the flavor of raspberry, blueberry, and a hint of menthol. You will feel the cool menthol flavor with every puff. The flavor of berries in this e-juice is so distinct. It feels like drinking a cold raspberry, blueberry juice. The flavor is spot-on. You will not pick up any weird, artificial from this e-juice.

  1. Pina Colada E-Juice

I love the taste of pina colada. I just cannot get enough of it. Pina Colada is the kind of e-liquid to vape when you want to bask under the sun. It has the tropical flavor of coconut and pineapple. It is indeed a perfect vape for summer. There are other pina colada e-liquids on the market, but this one from Slim’s E-Juice is amazing.

  1. Classic Cola E-Juice

This e-liquid has the flavor of coca cola. You get a spot-on coca cola flavor when you taste this juice. Vaping this e-juice will remind you of enjoying your favorite beverage. The taste of this vape juice is pleasant, and it lingers in your mouth. You can easily vape it all day long.

  1. Lemon E-Juice

What’s more refreshing than a lemon drink in the summer. I love this vape juice because it has an authentic lemon flavor. It will remind you of drinking lemonade on the beach. You will not get any weird taste from this vape juice even when you are vaping at a high wattage.

  1. Mango E-Juice

This vape juice has the real taste of mangoes. The flavor is very natural. You can easily chain vape on this e-juice especially if you have a thing for mangoes. It tastes like a blend of fresh mangoes. Mango will give you a memorable vaping experience. The flavor is so rich. You will want to have this vape juice in your collection.

  1. Star Fruit E-Juice

This e-liquid has the juicy flavor of star fruit. It tastes just like the real thing. You would not want to put this vape juice down. It is sweet, with a bit of sourness. This is certainly an all day vape.

  1. Pineapple E-Juice

This Slim’s E-Juice vape liquid has the authentic flavor of a refreshing pineapple. This e-juice is truly perfect for summer. It has a tropical flavor that is so satisfying. You can chain vape on this e-juice.

Summer is officially here. Apart from the e-liquids mentioned above, you will find many other refreshing e-liquids at the Slim’s E-Juice online store. This company has a wide collection of e-liquids.

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