Apollo eGo Box Kit Review

An Evod clearomizer, 2000 mAh battery, plus charger, is the Apollo eGo Box Kit. The thrifty little bundle comes priced comfortably at $29.95.

This is a box mod “style” kit, without any oLed display or voltage/wattage power adjustments. You push the button three times, it turns on. It has, like a lot of eGo style systems, a ten second safety switch. In other words, you can’t boil your battery and coil to a crisp. Understood to be an entry level beginner’s vape with a decent power source, I think it does fine just for its sheer convenience. You won’t have to charge it very often, and it’s discreet enough that you don’t have to feel like you’re vaping out of a juice box!

The kit is an eGo tank plus a box mod style battery. There’s a small difference between this and a normal mechanical box mod, or a true 510 box mod. This is a long lasting, simple power system, here available as a box mod configuration. It’s more like a powerful eGo than a typical box mod. The general construction is solid, making this particular box mod style personal vaporizer a durable alternative to most eGo vapes. This is a metal, high-capacity battery box here, not a plastic tube with a half-cooked power source.

It’s not as bulky as the mechanical box mods that you may have seen around, but just as reliable – not to mention safer. If it’s battery life you want, and you’re happy with the eGo setup, this is ideal. However, when it comes to form and style with the Apollo eGo box, there’s a bit of an issue with the 510 vs. eGo. As it stands, this is an eGo first, and 510 tanks have to use an adapter. Not as pretty, for sure, but this is built for eGo style tanks – worth remembering.

The prevailing wisdom seems to suggest, for tanks, the Kanger Evod, Kanger Aerotank Mini, Aspire ET Clearomizer.