Arrakis E-liquid by Cloud Alchemist Review

Review of Arrakis E-liquid by Cloud Alchemist  

This is my third review in the cloud alchemist Vapor series. The first two, Proserpina and Bacchus performed quite well. Arrakis is an Italian woody tobacco spiced with cardamom and clove mix e-liquid.

Tobacco processing

The process is a relatively simple one of applying heat and pressure to cut Italian woody tobacco and then allowing the resulting product to ferment. This process enhances the natural sugars that are present in the tobacco resulting in a sweeter, more enjoyable experience. The process of curing tobacco in this fashion has been around for over 400 years. While the process itself is not terribly complex, the flavor that it can produce most certainly is. Cloud Alchemist has taken this flavor of tobacco for use in their Arrakis e-liquid. The results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Review of Arrakis

Much like the previous two bottles of juice I reviewed from Cloud Alchemist, Arrakis is tasty and does a good job of duplicating the genuine article with woody tobacco tones and spicy cardamom and clove top note.

Flavor & Aroma Note

The vape is delicious with a full-bodied woody flavor of  Italian tobacco. It has a spicy cardamom note on the exhale and clove in the finish with sweetness. This is first and foremost an Italian tobacco with blends of cardamom and clove mix ejuice, with the same delicious, sweet smell I remember from the pipe tobacco my uncle favored when I was a kid. The spicy cardamom adds a dimension to the profile that compliments the natural flavor of the leaf.

Italian tobacco flavors are nothing new to the vaping community. Few vendors have approached the flavor from the perspective of taking an already notably sweet base tobacco and adding a good deal of additional spice flavor on top of that. On paper, this juice may sound like a little bit of sweet mess, but the execution is flawless. Cloud Alchemist has created an e-liquid in which all of the strong, resonant, aromatic Italian tobacco notes are beautifully complimented by the rich, lush flavor of cardamom and clove.

While the front end of the vape contains hints of the dry earthy tobacco to come, it’s the cardamom flavor that presents first, at the moment just before the vapor is let go, with bright, high, spicy notes. As the exhale is completed, the stout tobacco begins to take hold, melding perfectly with the cardamom and clove, creating a round, full profile as the sweet and smokey flavors intertwine for a long, balanced finish. Cloud Alchemist’s Arrakis can withstand quite a bit of wattage before suffering any flavor degradation.

Throat Hit & Vapor Production

For a tobacco, even a pipe or ‘enhanced’ tobacco flavor, Arrakis comes off a touch sweet, with the overwhelming majority of that sweetness originating from the complex portion of the profile. This tends to dominate over the richer, more realistic pipe tobacco base, which brings along with it a sweetness unto itself. The final note of the profile is an exceptional clove mix Italian tobacco pipe flavor.

Test Run

As with most tobacco based premium e-liquids, total wattage has a relatively significant effect on the profile. At lower wattage, the sweetness is even more pronounced with the tobacco riding shotgun. At higher wattages, however, the sweetness from the honey eases off a bit, allowing the sweet, mild pipe tobacco to play front and center.

I preferred the Arrakis just over 11.5w or 5.4v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, which not only provides the vape with a greater overall sense of balance but also produces an excellent size cloud of vapor. It has an incredibly smooth throat hit for a tobacco based juice. Arrakis has no issues in sub-Ω mech mod/RDA rig. I had it in on a modified IGO-L with increased air intakes set-up with twisted 28ga kanthal on XC-116 clocking in at .7Ω and found no loss of flavor on this set-up.

Final Verdict

Overall, this juice is a long way from bad, it’s quite tasty. It has depth, character, and body. I find myself wanting more of this juice. In a word, delicious.  Buy the Washington ejuice now.