Banana Ice by Kilo Standard Salt Series Review

Imagine the bright yellow hues of a comb of ripe bananas just waiting to be enjoyed. The masterminds behind Kilo have taken the essence of pure banana goodness and mashed it into this bottle of nicotine salt and enhanced it with a medium level of throat chilling goodness. We think that Banana Ice by Kilo manages to capture the fruity characteristics of banana with its partly gooey creaminess, just begging to be enjoyed. 

In one single pull of your pod device, we guarantee that you’ll get that familiar taste of bananas with its gentle aromatic notes that slowly blossoms in your mouth and nostrils. The tropical vibes of this nicotine salt really shines with the banana intensity swirling and gliding across your tongue. In an instance, you will get hit by the natural banana sugariness and a mid cooling chill at the back of your throat. Be transported to the Carribean with this unexpectedly good nicotine salt formulation that tastes ultra smooth with the purity of bananas.

Banana Ice by Kilo Standard Salt Series comes in a little 30ml bottle for portability. It is made with a blend of 50% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50% propylene glycol (PG) base ensuring a mighty dose of flavor. Banana Ice by Kilo Standard Salt Series can be purchased from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store is located in Malaysia and provides a 7 day delivery express service to the USA via DHL Express. Banana Ice by Kilo Standard Salt Series costs USD13.50 for a 30ml bottle and available in 30mg or 50mg variants. Use code CASH10 for a USD10 discount on your first purchase (USD50 minimum spending applies).