Blue Razz E-juice by Air Factory Review

Are you looking for a taffy candy flavor vape juice? Then, try Blue Razz E-juice by Air Factory for a delightful vaping experience. This pleasant blue raspberry taffy candy vape juice is sweet with notes of tartness. It is a perfect juicy flavor that makes you chew the vapor like chewing a taffy candy. This amazing vape juice is one of the most sought-after vape juices on the market today. Do not wait anymore to grab a bottle of this extraordinary vape juice from Ejuice Deals. Place your order now to avail best vape deals from Ejuice Deals.

Blue Razz E-juice by Air Factory indulge your tastebuds with sweet and tangy blueberry taste. It is authentic, refreshing, and perfect for summer days vaping. Air Factory is popular for its out-of-the-box flavors which are fast-moving on the market. Blue Razz is also a special vape juice from Air Factory. Every one of us still remember the taste of blue raspberry taffy candies that we were crazy about during childhood. The experts in Air Factory recreated this childhood flavor back to our life in the form of vape juice, thanks to their remarkable effort. As you inhale, you will get the taste of sweet tasty raspberries with a delicate creamy twist. On exhale, your taste buds feel the taste of tangy blue raspberry candy. Certainly, this vape juice will satisfy your sweet craving and make you vape frequently without keeping your vape pod down.

Blue Razz E-juice by Air Factory tastes natural and you will not feel any artificial taste even when vaping at a high wattage. The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio in this vape juice are remarkable. It contains 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. The high vegetable glycerin content in this vape juice helps to produce dense and massive vape clouds. Also, the high VG content makes this e-liquid a bit thick in consistency. However, it is smooth on coils and will not damage the coils fast.  The PG in this vape juice makes sure that the vapers are getting sufficient throat hit they are looking for. High-quality ingredients are used for manufacturing Blue Razz, so it is certain that each draw will be smooth and deliciously satisfying. As this e-liquid offers a smooth throat hit, you don’t have to worry about throat issues after vaping. This e-liquid is ideal for box mods, squonk mods, sub-ohm pens, and for use in RTAs and drippers.

Blue Razz E-juice by Air Factory is offered in three different nicotine concentrations for the vapers to choose from. You can purchase either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg according to your preference. If you want to avoid nicotine and enjoy the flavor alone, go for 0mg e-liquid. Blue Razz comes in 100 ml chubby unicorn bottles with a childproof and tamperproof cap. You can buy this e-liquid from Ejuice Deals online store at a 50% discounted price. You can get a 100ml bottle of this vape juice for just $13.99, instead of the real price of $27.99.