XROS by Vaporesso Review

XROS by Vaporesso Review

The XROS by Vaporesso is not your average vape device. Vaporesso went all out in this compact and simple device. It not only caters to mouth-to-lung vapers thanks to two relatively high resistance coil heads, but it also features a great adjustable airflow control system and a large battery to keep you vaping till the day turns dark. 

What You Get

  • 1 x Vaporesso XROS Battery
  • 1 x Vaporesso XROS 0.8Ω POD (2ml)
  • 1 x Vaporesso XROS 1.2Ω POD (2ml)
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Reminder Card

You can get the XROS by Vaporesso for only $29.90 on the Vaporesso online website. You get to also choose from 12 variant of colors: Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Blue, Matte Gray, Silver, Rainbow, Green, Gold, Gray, and Purple.

Design ad Build Quality 

At first glance, the XROS is a simple pen-style pod system, but it is slightly larger than most pen-style vape mods thanks to its high-capacity battery. The XROS features a stainless steel build and it measures 112mm x 23mm x 13mm so it is compact enough to carry around with you without any trouble. 

XROS by Vaporesso Review

The XROS features both manual and automatic battery activation. You can just go ahead and draw on the mouthpiece when you need to take a drag and a draw sensor will activate the battery, or you could use the round, metallic fire button sitting almost flush with the battery. 

Opposite the fire button is one of the XROS’s most intriguing features, an airflow control slider, something you do not often see in this type of vaping device. This is what makes the XROS unique from devices in the same category. When wide open, the airflow has three intake slots exposed allowing for a very loose mouth-to-lung draw, and when closed off completely, it delivers a more restrictive direct lung hit which is perfect for a tight, cigarette-like draw. 

You can as well set the slider anywhere in between to find your sweet spot. The airflow control system is also intuitively positioned a few millimetres above the fire button so if you vape with the fire button, you do not have to worry about accidentally closing off the air intake slots.

An 800mAh battery has to be another impressive feature about the XROS, but it does not just stop there. Vaporesso also designed the device with a USB-C port that features fast charging as 1A so you can fully charge the battery in about 60 minutes. The XROS also supports passthrough charging so you can vape while you charge.


The XROS pods come in two variants – 0.8ohm ad 1.2ohm. You can easily tell both of them apart thanks to the clear resistance rating on the bottom, and the color-coated o-rings inside: red for lower resistance and black for higher resistance. They do not feature replaceable coil heads so you have to rely on disposable pods, this makes them a good option for ex-smokers looking for a viable alternative as well as casual vapers who do not like to get their hands dirty replacing coils. Each pod holds 2ml of ejuice and attach to the battery section of the XROS via a pair of powerful magnets. This also makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the ejuice level inside without having to remove the pods. 

XROS by Vaporesso Review

Filling the pods is simple. You simply pull out the mouthpiece to reveal the fill port, the hole to the side with a black membrane covering it. Once you are done filling, put the mouthpiece back on, wait for about 10 minutes for the wicking to soak up the ejuice, and you are good to go.


If you are a mouth-to-lung vaper looking to add some simplicity to your vaping without having to sacrifice power and performance, the XROS by Vaporesso is our ideal vape device. Over the years, Vaporesso has been known for its impressive mods, and the XROS is no different. Some vapers are already calling the XROS the best starter kit 2020, all that is left is for you to testify.

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Bavarian Cream E-Juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Bavarian Cream Ejuice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Here is one ejuice mixture you probably have never heard about or tasted but will leave your taste buds in a frenzy after you do. Bavarian Cream Ejuice by Atomic Dog Vapor is among the company’s best sellers and for a reason. There are similar Bavarian cream ejuice flavors in the market today but not one can really claim to have perfected the Vanilla cream vape juice flavor profile all the way from the inhale to the exhale, except for atomic dog vapor. They were able to capture the unique flavor of Bavarian cream and convert it into an ejuice that will take your taste buds on a creamy ride. If you are a lover of creamy and sweet vape juices, Bavarian cream ejuice by atomic dog vapor was made just for you.

Every drop of this ejuice is specially formulated with choice ingredients from the USA. Bavarian cream ejuice is made with only three to four ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and nicotine. Atomic Dog Vapor does not make use of any extra extenders or additives so that the vanilla flavor remains consistent and natural every step of the way. Atomic Dog Vapor does all their ejuice mixing in house under strict supervision so you can be assured that if its “quality” you came for, its “quality” you will get.

With every drag of this Bavarian cream ejuice by Atomic Dog Vapor, you are rewarded with a rich, sweet and creamy Vanilla ejuice flavor that will leave your taste buds reminiscing warm vanilla custard. Bavarian cream ejuice will go well even after a meal, it will be like a nice vanilla cream dessert after a nice meal. Whenever your vanilla cravings come knocking, you can easily satisfy them with this vape juice. On both the inhale and exhale, its smoothness and creaminess will smear your taste buds with deliciousness. Just like the real deal, Bavarian Cream ejuice leaves a nice aftertaste in your mouth that lingers even long after you are done vaping. A taste that will definitely leave you drooling for some more.

Bavarian Cream ejuice by Atomic Dog Vapor is made with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30 which shits this ejuice to the high VG range. As a high VG ejuice, it means you can use it with your sub ohm tank or rebuildable dripping atomizer. Its VG/PG ratio is just idea for flavor chasers and cloud chasers. With every drag you are not only rewarded with unique flavor, you will also be blown away by the size of clouds you will be blowing out. A perfect blend for you to show off all your cloud tricks. So whether you prefer solid flavor, chunky vapor, or both, this Bavarian Cream ejuice will be a delight. You might just have a hard time dropping it down.

Depending on how you prefer to enjoy this bundle of creaminess, atomic dog vapor has made varying nicotine concentrations available. If you prefer to gobble down all that rich flavor without any nicotine hit, or if you want all that flavor accompanied by an intense flavor, atomic dog vapor has got your back. Bavarian Cream ejuice is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg. Even at high nicotine concentrations, this ejuice delivers a smooth and pleasant throat hit.

Bavarian Cream Ejuice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Bavarian Cream ejuice is available in both 30ml and 136ml bottles, perfect so you never run out of ejuice in the middle of your vaping session. This vanilla cream vape juice comes in a simple package. The ejuice bottle is designed with a tip that makes it easy to refill your tanks or prime your coils without creating a mess. The ejuice bottle comes with a childproof cap so you do not have to worry about spilling your ejuice when you drop the bottle. In addition to exceptional vape products, Atomic Dog Vapor is also well known for their cheap prices. A 30ml bottle is sold for $8.99 while a 136ml bottle is sold for $14.99. Bavarian Cream is definitely an irresistible ejuice flavor with an irresistible price tag. At first glance you can easily not believe your eyes but when you know the reason for such cheap prices, you will be stocking up your vape shelves in no time.

If you vape just as much as the next guy, who says you must break the bank to keep up? When you buy from your usual brick and mortar vape shops, you are indirectly paying for rentals and staffing. With an online store, atomic dog vapor gets to save all that extra expense and pass on those savings to you, their online customer. Their delivery is also worthy of note. Atomic Dog Vapor ships most of their orders using priority 2-3-day mail. Even orders that come in by noon would still get shipped out the same day.

Atomic Dog Vapor is a reputable America company, and since it is always advised to buy your e-juices from reputable manufacturers, you will be doing yourself and your taste buds a treat by buying your e-juices from their online vape shop, They have a wide selection of popular ejuice flavors including fruity, pastry, creamy, and dessert. In addition, they also specialize in manufacturing vaping hardware. Atomic dog vapor is like your one-stop to all your vaping needs.

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Juul Starter Kit by Juul Review

Juul Starter Kit by Juul

The Juul Starter Kit is the ideal kit for anyone looking to cut out smoking cigarettes and transition to vaping. It gives you the same restricted draw and nicotine hit as a real cigarette, but without the char and bad smell. The Juul is a mouth-to-lung device. It is simple and easy enough for even beginners. You should know that the Juul Starter Kit is a closed pod system.

Juul Starter Kit by Juul

Juul products were originally available only in the US. However, it is now available in many countries around the world. Juul Labs, an offshoot of Pax Labs, was founded in June 2015 by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. Today, the Juul is undeniably the most popular e-cigarette device in the industry.

Proud users of Juul even call themselves ‘Juulers.’ So if you are thinking of becoming a Juuler, you can get the Juul Starter Kit at Ejuice Deals for just $39.99. This device is usually sold for about $64.99. It comes in a simple cardboard box with all the necessary information. Inside the cardboard box you will find:

  • 1x Juul Battery
  • 2x non-refillable Pods – 1 for each flavor (Virginia and Cool Mint)
  • 1x USB Charging Dock / Magnetic USB Charger

This compact device is a whole lot better than the bulky vaping devices out there What’s more, you do not have to worry about changing or leaking issues. The Juul is made with high-grade materials, and measures at 1.51cm in width, and 8.72cm in length. It can fit comfortably into your pocket. It is also perfect for stealthy vaping.

The Juul has a two-part design; the battery and a cartridge. It is draw-activated so there are no buttons or menus to navigate. Just fix the cartridge into the battery and take a nice long drag. The device is light-weight, but it is still heavier than an actual cigarette.

The rather cheap Juul pods come with nicotine salts e-liquids. The pods come with a variety of e-juice flavors. Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid and is available with either 5% or 3% of nicotine.

Juul Starter Kit by Juul

On the body of the Juul device is an LED indicator that glows when you insert the pod. Also, while charging, the LED indicates the devices charge level. If you tap the area below the LED twice, it will show Green if its battery is fully charged, Yellow when it is medium, and Red when the battery is low. The Juul has a 380mAh non-removable battery with a high discharge rate, offering 200 puffs when it is fully charged. It uses a convenient magnetic charging dock that plugs into any USB port. The 380mAh battery will only take about 50 minutes to charge when it is empty.

The Juul device features automatic temperature regulation to prevent you from getting dry hits. Its intelligent heating mechanism creates an aerosol which helps reduce combustion, allowing you to use one pod for a long time and still get the same rich flavor.

Head over to the Ejuice Deals online store to grab yourself the Juul Starter Kit and start a new adventure in the world of vaping.

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Review of G-Pen Elite Vaporizer


The G-Pen Elite from Grenco Science is one of the best vape pens on the market currently. It has an elegant and stealth appearance with some advanced features. There are two version of this device; one is suitable for vaping dry herb, and the other one is for concentrates. You cannot use this device for vaporizing oils or e-juice. The Elite bears the same marks of quality as other devices from Grenco Science. The G-Pen is a cheaper alternative to similar-sized vaporizers like the Pax 2. Although it is cheaper, this device is just as impressive. It can heat up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in under a minute. It has a huge heating chamber, and it is easy to operate.


You will find the G-Pen Elite at any top vape store. This vaporizer usually costs about $140, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for only $129.


The packaging design of this Grenco Science device is top-notch. It comes in a circular black box which has Grenco’s ‘G’ logo on it. Inside the box, you will find the vaporizer as well as a pen tool and a brush, a USB charger, a card grinder, and a manual. You can tell that Grenco Science pays attention to the packaging of its devices.


The Grenco G-Pen is black. It looks like a remote control or a small hair clipper. The body of the device is mainly made of plastic, so it does not get hot when you are vaping. Although this device is made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. The device has some weight to it, and it has an ergonomic shape. It sits comfortably in hand.

The Elite is a perfect device for vaping discreetly in public. It does not look like a vaporizer. You can hold this vaporizer in public without attracting many glances.


The G-Pen has a very basic design. You have the mouthpiece on top. The heating chamber sits just below the mouthpiece. You need to remove the top cap to access the heating chamber. The heating chamber of this device is made of ceramic. There are some small holes at the the chamber. You will find three buttons on the body of this vaporizer for operating it. To turn it on, you need to click the power button five times. There is a screen on the body of the Elite that shows the temperature and battery level. It is not difficult to navigate through the menu of this vaporizer and change the settings.

Heating Chamber

The Elite has a very large heating chamber for its size. You can fit up to 0.75 grams of dry herb into this device. The good thing is that the device performs excellently whether you fill the chamber or leave it partially empty. Since the heating chamber is made of ceramic, you will not get any burnt taste from the device. The G-Pen is known for producing clean vapor. The temperature range of this vaporizer is 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose to view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The device automatically stores the last temperature that you set each time you turn it off.

Battery Life

The G-Pen Elite vaporizer has a 2200 mAh battery which is non-removable. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to recharge the battery when it is empty. The battery life of this device is pretty good. It can last up to 15 vaping sessions or more. Depending on how frequent you vape, you can go for up to 72 hours before you will need to recharge it.


You will have no problems cleaning the Elite vaporizer. You simply need to turn the chamber upside and tap on the sides to remove any herb remnants. The package includes a brush that you can use to clean it.


  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Precision temperature control
  • Large ceramic heating chamber
  • Loads of vapor and great flavor
  • Good battery life


  • Mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use
  • Vapor can be a little warm sometimes
  • Battery is non-replaceable and the device does not support pass-through

You will find many other top-notch herb vaporizers like the G-Pen Elite on Ejuice Pack. The store sells all types of vaporizers as well as e-liquids and vaping accessories.

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VaporFi VOX II Box Mod Review

VaporFi VOX II Box Mod

Moving in to satisfy the demand for a box mod, VaporFi has finally released the VOX II. While going over the little powerhouse, make no mistake, this is a seriously sturdy and powerful off-the-shelf mod. Built tough, as you can tell with it in your hand, the VOX II isn’t like a lot of low-price box mods.

A lot of people already have tanks that will work, and compatible chargers, so in that case look into just getting the mod itself. It’s a good way to save $30.

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VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Orbit vaporizer is designed with a very advanced heating chamber, which is easy to open and easy to fill, so very little will hold you back from achieving total satisfaction. This is the future of dry herb vaping: clean, innovative, and ready for action!

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V2 Pro Series 7 Hype: Worth It?

V2 Pro Series 7

The V2 Pro Series 7 has been nothing short of impressive on the market. Most of this has to do with V2 taking seriously its approach to an optimal multipurpose vape. The Series 3 didn’t quite cut it in the loose leaf department. But, just because it vaporizes three mediums really well, is it as good as its hype?

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VaporFi Boom Review

VaporFi Boom

Far from being a traditional hookah (whatever we mean by “tradition” here), the VaporFi Boom Hookah is more than a standard vaporizer. It’s not exactly cut out for battery life, although it does pretty well. The handy thing about the Starter Kit is that it comes with two tanks! This makes this a bit of a high-capacity kind of vape.

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There are cigarette smokers, and then there are cigar smokers. Seldom do the two cross, so when you’re looking at e-cigs versus e-cigars, it’s a matter of choice and preference as to what you’d like to get out of your vaping. This is what we will discuss in these e-cigars reviews.

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Electronic Cigarettes Endorsed by Health Organization

Electronic Cigarettes Endorsed by Health Organization

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how difficult that can be to achieve. Fortunately, there are a number of options available today to help smokers either kick the habit or significantly cut down on tobacco use. What about the new addition to the quitting among revolution electronic cigarettes?

Among those options are the e-cigars, or electronic cigarettes, which research shows are an effective aid in making the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Additional options include nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes earn good reviews by health organizations patch, the lozenge, the nasal spray and the inhaler. Medicines such as bupropion, known by Zyban® or Wellbutrin®, and varenicline, or Chantix®, are also sometimes prescribed to help smokers quit.

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