Blueberry Lemon E-liquid by Juice Head Review

bblueberry llemon

Blueberry Lemon is a refreshing e-liquid that will have your taste buds watering with every hit. This vape juice is part of the illustrious Juice Head collection. Blueberry Lemon is one-of-a-kind and tastes just like a blend of fresh ripe pears and peaches. When you vape this Juice Head e-liquid, you can be sure you are getting the best. All the flavors in Blueberry Lemon are of premium quality and can be vaped all day long, not just during summer.

Blueberry Lemon has a pleasant inhale and exhale that never gets boring. When you vape this e-juice, it is the taste of the ripe blueberries that first hits you. And when you exhale, you get a blast of the ripe lemons. Both flavors are of excellent quality. This Juice Head also has a rich aftertaste with a long-lasting effect on the taste buds.

Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head is produced with high-quality ingredients. Blueberry Lemon is made with 70 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or with 30 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). This vape juice can be vaped using a sub-ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Blueberry Lemon is ideal for cloud chasing enthusiasts as it produces dense clouds. You can vape this Juice Head e-juice for sometime before having to change or clean your coils.

Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head is available in different nicotine strength levels. This e-liquid is produced with premium nicotine. Blueberry Lemon in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.

Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head is available in excellently designed bottles. The bottle of this Juice Head e-liquid has blue, white, and black colors on the label and box. The Juice Head logo and other relevant information are printed on the label.

You can buy a 100ml bottle of Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head at most vape stores. However, you can buy Blueberry Lemon directly from the Juice Head E-liquid online shop. A 100ml bottle of Blueberry Lemon goes for $19.00. You can also get this e-juice from third-party stores like Streamline Vape and others.

Blueberry Lemon is part of the famous Juice Head brand produced by Streamline Vape Co. Juice Head is known for its top-notch e-liquid flavors. You get the finest blends when you buy from this vape brand. Besides Blueberry Lemon, there are many other impressive e-liquid flavors in the Juice Head collection. Examples of these are Peach Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, Guava Peach, Watermelon Lime, Pineapple Grapefruit. The Juice Head brand also has a nicotine salt collection of many of its regular e-liquid flavors. There is also a menthol collection of Juice Head e-liquids.

If you are not into nicotine, there are hemp and cbd products available at the TIMBR online shop. A pack of TIMBR hemp smokes can be purchased at this store. All TIMBR products are made using some of the finest hemp plants.

You can buy all e-liquids by Juice Head from Buying from Juice Head E-liquid is easy; allow 1-5 business days for your order to be fully processed and shipped.

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What Flavor Extracts Should I Use in My DIY E-Liquid?

What Flavor Extracts Should I Be Using in E Liquid?

With the number of vapers increasing every day, there is all the more reason to learn more about the individual ingredients used to make e liquid. Vaping itself is considered to be safer than smoking considering that it only contains a handful of FDA approved ingredients. However, one of the most commonly mistaken is e liquid flavoring which will be the focus of this article. “Flavoring” represents a multitude of different chemicals both natural and artificial. It also represents an unknown when it comes to the health risks of vaping.

What is E Liquid?

You probably know it under many other names; vape juice, e juice, or e-cigarette liquid. They all refer to the same thing. E liquid is a viscous liquid that is used to fill an electronic cigarette or e-cig. The e liquid is heated by the electronic cigarette to generate a cloud of vapor and nicotine (you can always get e liquid without nicotine though).

E liquid is ideally a mixture of food-grade flavoring, a choice of nicotine level, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, or both. All these chemicals used in making e liquid are recognized as safe by the FDA for human consumption.

What Flavor Extracts Should I Be Using in E Liquid?

What Are Flavor Extracts?

If you bake, or if you already have some experience in vaping, then you should be familiar with what flavor extracts are. In vaping, flavor extracts are the magic behind an e liquids exciting flavor.

An extract is a concentrated solution that contains the complex, alcohol-soluble oils, resin, and other compounds that are found in the physical fruit, herb, spice, or nut that is being extracted. Using them yields a tastier output since, in vaping, you cannot use the actual ingredient itself. Usually, flavor extracts are made by extracting the flavor of the source ingredient into a liquid base, usually alcohol. For example, a vanilla extract can be made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol for an extended period of time.

Note that flavor extracts are incredibly concentrated and powerful and so you need to be careful while using them. Also, flavor extracts for baking and vaping may not always be the same. While buying your flavor extracts for e liquid, make sure to get the ones intended for vaping and not just your average food flavor extracts.

Flavor extracts are great for vapers who are not afraid of a creative challenge. There are hundreds of alluring and economical options in the e liquid market to choose from. This makes the e liquid flavor possibilities endless, and all the more reason you do not want to be using the wrong type of flavor extracts.

What Is the Difference Between Flavor Concentrates and Flavor Extracts?

Let’s use pure vanilla as an example. The difference between a pure vanilla flavor extract and a pure vanilla flavor concentrate is the percentage of pure vanilla. The flavor concentrate will contain less percentage of vanilla bean extractions, while the flavor extract will contain a greater percentage of vanilla bean extractions. This means using them in an e liquid mixture will differ since the same percentage of a flavor in a flavor extract cannot equal to the same percentage of that same flavor in a flavor concentrate.

What Flavor Extracts Should I Be Using in E Liquid?

In essence, flavor concentrates contain a milder formula than flavor extracts. They are a combination of natural and artificial flavorings in a bid to replicate the taste of the physical flavor. Both flavor extracts and flavor concentrates are FDA approved as safe for consumption.

Flavor Extracts in E Liquid

When you go to buy e liquid, or ingredients to make your own e liquid, there is no obvious difference between e liquid flavor extracts and food flavor extracts. Finding the difference is essential because food flavorings are FDA approved for consumption, that description does not cross over to inhalation.

A good rule of thumb is to read the ingredients on the flavor extract you plan to purchase. You will want to avoid flavoring that is part of the diketone family such as diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl. These are known to be hazardous if inhaled. You want to also avoid oil-based flavorings.

To save some time, flavorah has an array of flavor extracts that are specifically made for vaping, and at affordable prices. You get to enjoy an array of flavor extracts to spice up your vaping experiences while at the same time making sure you are inhaling the right ingredients.


Various reports have shown that food-grade flavor extracts, especially the ones not intended for vaping can be incredibly dangerous to your health, especially your lungs, and they may not give you the same pleasurable vape experience.

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Cherry Tobacco E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review


Cherry Tobacco is a superb vape juice blend by Humble Juice Co. This vape juice contains the flavors of high-quality tobacco and black cherry. These two flavors are of premium quality and they are excellently blended. None of these flavors get overpowering or taste like they contain any chemical flavors. This e-liquid is of premium quality and tastes very natural. The chances of you getting bored with vaping this e-liquid is slim. You can vape this e-liquid all day long. And you can also recommend this e-liquid to your family and friends who enjoy cherry and tobacco.

Cherry Tobacco is a superb e-liquid that has a delicate inhale and exhale. This e-liquid flows effortlessly, even the aftertaste of this e-juice refreshing and also has lasting effect. This Humble Juice Co. e-liquid tastes very much like cherry pipe tobacco. This e-liquid is type that makes vaping fun.

Cherry Tobacco by Humble Juice Co. is produced with premium ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This Humble Juice Co. vape juice does not stain your coils as other flavors that contains tobacco flavor does. Cherry Tobacco is the type of e-liquid that produces huge clouds of vapor with every hit that you take. The clouds that you get from this e-liquid also have a pleasant aroma that spreads fast.

Cherry Tobacco by Humble Juice Co. is contains premium-quality nicotine in different strength levels. This e-juice comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. This Humble vape juice has a smooth and almost subtle throat hit that adds to the fun of vaping this e-liquid. This e-liquid is ideal for vapers who do not use nicotine. The version of this e-liquid that contains 0mg of nicotine is ideal for vapers who do not consume nicotine.

Humble Juice Co. is a vape juice company based in Los Angeles, California. This company is well known by vapers across the world for its superb e-juice blends. E-liquids by this company are some of the finest in the vaping industry. This company has a classic collection of different vape juice lines that are produced using some of the finest ingredients. Of all the Humble Juice Co. e-liquid lines on the market, some examples of their best sellers are Humble, Humble Ice, Havana, Havoc, I Love Reds, HMBL, HMBL Salts and many others.

Cherry Tobacco is a part of Humble Havana Juice line that blends tobacco, menthol, coffee, fruits, and other flavors with fresh tobacco leaves. Besides Cherry Tobacco the other flavors in this vape juice lines are Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco. Caramel Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Wintergreen Tobacco, Apple Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, and Peanut Tobacco.

Cherry Tobacco comes in a superbly designed bottle like other vape juice blends by Humble Juice Co. This e-liquid is sold in a 60ml bottle that comes with a label printed on it. This label contains a lot of relevant information such as the nicotine level.

You can buy a bottle of Cherry Tobacco from the Humble Juice Co. online shop for just $18.49. This company provides fast shipping and excellent customer service.

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Caramel Tobacco E-Juice by Havana Juice Co. Review

caramel tobacco 3

Caramel Tobacco is an exciting vape juice by Havana Juice Co. This e-liquid is a blend of sweet caramel and notes of tobacco. This is a premium e-juice. It does not taste artificial in any way.

Caramel Tobacco has a balanced flavor. The sweetness of the caramel does not get overpowering. You can still pick up notes of earthy tobacco flavor. If you have a thing for tobacco, you will love Caramel Tobacco. You can vape this e-juice all day long without getting tired of how it tastes.

Caramel Tobacco gives you the taste of sweet caramel flavor on the inhale. On the exhale, the light tobacco flavor is more noticeable.

Caramel Tobacco by Havana Juice Co. has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. This vape juice is suitable for vaping with either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Caramel Tobacco was made for cloud chasers. It will make your room foggy after just a few hits.

Caramel Tobacco by Havana Juice Co. is made with high-quality nicotine. This e-liquid is available with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. This vape juice has a light throat hit. If you want an intense throat hit, you may have to go for the version of this e-liquid with 6mg or 12mg of nicotine.

Humble Juice Co. is the maker of Caramel Tobacco. This company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, is one of the most recognizable brands around. Humble Juice has been making top-notch e-liquids for many years. The company uses the finest ingredients like USP Vegetable Glycol, USP Propylene Glycol, and USP NicSelect Nicotine to make its vape liquids.

Humble Juice Co. is behind some of the top-selling e-liquids on the market. Apart from the Havana Juice line, this company is the creator of the original Humble Juice line, the Humble Ice Juice line, the Havoc Juice line, the Hustle Juice line, the HMBL Juice line, and the Humble X Flawless Juice line.

Caramel Tobacco is one of ten e-liquids in the Havana Juice series. Havana is ideal for vapers who are fans of tobacco e-liquids. If you have a thing for sweets and tobacco, Caramel Tobacco is the e-liquid for you.

Caramel Tobacco has an elegant packaging design like other e-liquids in the Havana Juice line. This e-liquid comes with a plastic gorilla bottle with a childproof cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Havana Juice logo and other useful information about the product.

You can buy a 60ml bottle of Caramel Tobacco from the Humble Juice Co. official online shop for $18.49. The Humble Juice online store is the best place to get all your vaping supplies. This company does not only sell e-liquids but also vaping devices and accessories. Humble Juice has some exciting deals that allow you to save money. The company is currently offering a BOGO (buy one get one) deal. You can also get free shipping if you spent $19.99 or more at this store.

Humble Juice provides excellent customer service and fast shipping of orders.

All Humble Juice Co. e-liquids are pre-steeped from the factory. This means you can start vaping Caramel Tobacco as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. If you are not satisfied with the taste of this e-liquid, do not hesitate to steep it again.

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The Smok Alien AL85 85W Box Mod Review

smok alien al85 85W box mod – Hanapin sa Google – Mozilla Firefox 2017-08-28 17.57.22

You may have heard the Smok Alien mod if you are a Smok fan. You may even have tried to use the device. If you have not gotten one for you yet, you may want to try the latest from Smok. The Smok Alien Baby AL 85 TC Starter Kit is one popular choice. This comes in a smaller package and many find it irresistible.

 Contents and Product Specs

The Smok Alien Baby AL 85 Mod comes with the e-cigarette and a TFV8 Baby Tank which has a 3ml capacity. A pre-installed V8 Baby Q2 Corre 0.6 dual coil comes with the kit and it has a V8 Baby Q2 Corre 0.6 dual coil as a replacement. Additionally, one USB cable for charging is also included in the kit. along with a user’s manual. There also is an assortment of spare parts.

The device is 71mm by 48mm by 27mm by size. It is light and weighs only 120 grams. This device is rated at 85 watts of power and has a voltage range between 0.35 V and 8.0 V. When using TC Mode the coil resistance is at 0.06-3.00 ohms. If operated in a Wattage Mode its coil resistance is at 0.1-3.0 ohm. This device has a temperature control and it lets you achieve temperatures between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check out more about this device at

The Important Points

The Smok Alien may not have the power output compared to other products of the same brand but this device can still deliver the sustained power needed for thick clouds. It also can still deliver great taste with the power that it’s got. The inclusion of the TFV8 Baby Tank helps in producing more than enough vapor for this device. This is the best e-cigarette for its size.

This device is also handy. It can fit in your pocket easily because of its small size. It is also useful if you vape in settings that require you to be discreet without getting too much attention from others. It also has an attractive appearance and people will want to know more about it.

There are different colors available for the Smok Alien Baby. These colors are black red, gun metal, champagne gold, and silver. It has a simple appearance with an outstanding decorative finish to it. It’s one device that you can use anytime for your vaping needs. It also works well with any e-liquid of your choice.

The wattage of the device can be adjusted from the home screen. There is also an option for you to adjust the vaping mode for this device. The battery power can reach up to five hours when you use it with the Baby Beast tank and with 60W. That is a long life considering its size. It may last longer though if you use a lower wattage power when vaping using this device.


The Smok Alien Baby is a smaller version of the one that came out ahead of this. It is basically the same features from the Smok Alien but on a smaller scale. The power output may not be great compared to the bigger version but it works well with its size and features. This device has all the power to deliver the best type of vapor and taste. It definitely can satisfy a wide range of vaping fans. This can work well for either beginners or advanced vapers. It is one device that is great to add with your vaping collection. All in all, this entire new device from Smok works just fine. The great thing about this is it can be carried anywhere and is a good vape when you are fond of traveling, It can easily fit in your pocket or in your bag. You can vape all day anywhere and anytime. If the battery is a little bit of a problem, you can always get a spare battery especially when you are on the go.






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Innokin Endura T18 Kit Review


The Innokin Endura T18 is a small mouth to lung vape pen that is designed for smokers planning to switch to vaping. This combines safety, power, and the most recent developments fused into one simple yet easy to use package.

The Endura T18, which is powered by a 1000 mAh battery, can be charged using USB and can be vaped even when charging. It features easy-to-install Prism coils and a top-refill tank. It also has a battery indicator to help you determine how much power is left on your device (a green light indicates fully charged, yellow light for half power, and red for low battery).

To prevent risking the coil from not wicking properly, e-juices with a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio of not bigger than 70VG/30PG are recommended. Flavors that tend to have a higher VG e-liquid could be more muted than using a 50VG/50PG ratio blend. If you have a sweet tooth, you could head on to Caktus Vape and grab the Strawberry Crunch e-juice by Caktus for only AUD $15.95. Other flavors to suit your palate are also available such as Berry Crunch, Tangy Grape, Strawberry, Tangy Apple, Watermelon, and Pineapple. Just pick whatever your taste buds desire from these selections without hurting your pocket much.

Compared to its T22 brother, the Endura T18 is smaller in size. If you are looking for something portable, this is definitely the deal. It fits easily and perfectly in your pocket, although it is not as stealthy as the Juul or Joyetech Ego One. Its draw and mouth piece are unarguably spot on and could replicate the experience you were used to from a cigarette. This is surely the perfect transition tool for you.

It also features a coil head based on the successful iClear 30 design. The Prism coils are also durable and could last for several months. This means you will be able to save money on coils. The flavor on the Prism coils is almost the same to that of the Nautilus Mini or Kanger Aerotanks, although I would say the Endura T18 is the slightly better of the two. The coils with Japanese Organic Cotton wicking material allows the device to produce the best flavor around. It also has an easy no spill coil swap system. Now, you do not need to drain your tank of juice. This definitely makes swapping of coils a no sweat task.

Unlike most mouth to lung tanks, the T18 features a top-filled tank that makes refilling easier. The glass and stainless steel tank has a 2.5 ml e-liquid capacity, which could last longer than a day for an average user.  It also has a pre-installed 1.5 ohm Prism coil head. The draw, however, is a bit looser than most starter kits available. But it still does offer a mouth to lung vape, which means you draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling, similar to smoking a cigarette.

The Enudra T18 has a user-friendly feature, and it does not have any adjustable wattages or airflow. The device has a fixed 14-watt output. You just simply fill your tank with juice and you are  good to vape. It has a maximum output current of 3.5 amps and maximum output voltage of 5.5 volts.

To vape, you just simply need to click that power button on. Take note, you have no settings to adjust or memorize here. Also, clicking the power button five times will turn the Endura battery on and off. These, plus its integrated safety features, make it the perfect companion for newbies in the vaping world.

Innokin surely is one of the biggest manufacturers in the vaping industry. It has released a variety of products to cater both beginners and advanced users including the early iTaste and MVP mods as well as the iClear series of clearomisers and present-day products like the CoolFire IV, iSub, MVP 3.0 Pro, and the Innokin Disruptor.

The Innokin Endura T18 Kit is available at for only AUD $39.95 (the cheapest price I’ve seen). The device is available in four eye-catching colors, black, silver, aquamarine, and pink. Included in the kit are an Endura 1000 mAh battery, a 2.5 ml Prism tank with coil, an extra coil, a USB cable, a plastic Endura stand, four O-rings, and two mouth pieces.


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Smpl Juice DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid Review


When it comes to the best tasting e-liquids, Smpl Juice is one of the company that produces them. The company has been making waves in the vaping industry for over five years. It still continues to produce more excellent e-liquids to this day. You can check out the products from Smpl Juice at the company’s website.

One of the company’s best e-juices is DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid. This has the rich flavor of real cream custard cake with a twist of lemon. It is one flavor that you want to try. If you have been vaping for quite a while, then you must have tasted different e-liquids from different companies. This e-juice is one that you must try. Once you taste the richness of its flavor, you will definitely get hooked.

Flavor Description

Once you inhale the juice from DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid, you right away can taste the flavor of real creamy custard cake.As you get used to the sweetness of the juice, you then will gradually taste the lemon twist that comes with it. This is a delightful flavor that tantalizes your taste buds. You will notice that there is no chemical aftertaste coming  from this e-liquid. The richness of its flavor does not make your mouth dry nor will it make you thirsty. You will want to have more of the e-juice. This is one that is perfect for your everyday vape. It is like a comfort dessert and a refreshment because of the mixture from this e-juice. There are other products that may have a similar flavor but DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid by Smpl Juice is simply the best. The awesome thing is as you get to smell the sweet scent of this product, your mouth will water right away. All you want to do is get right on it and enjoy its flavor all day long.

Nicotine Strength

DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid has three nicotine strengths. You get to choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.


You will not have any issues vaping from your tank or by dripping because the juice has a medium thickness level. Its vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio is 70vg/30pg.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit from using DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid. As you inhale the juice, you will notice a sensation that goes into your throat. This is not irritating but is so soothing to your senses.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds come out when you use DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid. These clouds are impressively massive and these do not disappear right away. The sweet scent coming from this e-juice  lingers in the air, which is very pleasant to your nose.


You will notice DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid right away when you spot it because of its packaging. The bottle has been colored bright yellow that is very attractive. You also will know what the flavor is because the name is clearly printed on the bottle. You can also see clearly the bottle capacity. The logo of the company is printed at the top of the flavor’s name which is very visible. You will not have issues spilling this juice because the bottle cap has been tightly placed on top of the bottle. The whole package of this simple juice is very attractive.


DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid is a very flavorful e-juice. The mixture has been made from exquisite ingredients that make the juice simply the best. You will not get tired of the flavor because the sweetness is just right. The twist of lemon that comes in right after the creamy custard flavor is so refreshing to your tongue. What is cool about this e-liquid is it produces impressive thick clouds. These clouds do not disappear right away and are a sight to behold. You also will not worry about getting your throat hurt because the throat hit is so mild. There are different levels of nicotine strengths from this e-juice that you can choose from. This simple juice has been made so flavorful that it is perfect for your everyday vaping. You just want to relax and indulge in its flavor. The best part is you get the best value for your money because this e-liquid is very cheap. You can buy a 120ml bottle of DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid for only $22.00. This product is readily available at




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Review of Peach by Cheap eJuice


Cheap eJuice makes the best e-liquids for your vape. The Peach flavored e-juice is one of its best products. You can vape all day with this e-liquid because the peach fruit flavor is so distinct that you just want to get more of its taste. The company is located in Costa Mesa, California but you are able to purchase this product online.

Flavor Description 

The Peach by Cheap eJuice has the real peach fruit flavor. When you inhale the juice, you right away taste it and the best thing is it lingers in your mouth. This flavor is so refreshing that you want to vape all day. There is no chemical after taste with this e-juice, you also do not feel thirsty nor is there any dryness in your mouth. The company has nailed it with this product. There may be other e-juices out there with a similar flavor but this one from  Cheap e Juice is one of the best. The flavor tantalizes your taste buds and it is so rich. You do not get tired of its rich flavor. You even want to keep coming back for more. This is a perfect e-liquid for everyday vaping. There is a certain refreshing feel when using this juice for your vape. It is perfect not only for a summer day but for your daily consumption. It is one product that you must try. Trying it will not make you regret it.

Nicotine Strength

There are two options for the nicotine concentration on this product. You may get the 3mg if you want milder nicotine in your juice or the 6mg for a stronger one. These two variations are filled with the rich peach fruit flavor.


The Peach by Cheap eJuice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 70vg/30pg. this juice has a medium thickness level. There are no issues vaping the juice from a tank or dripping it.

Throat Hit

This product provides you a mild throat hit. There is a small sensation that travels in at the back of your throat when you inhale the juice. This is not unpleasant at all. In fact, it is a soothing sensation that you forget you are actually vaping. The rich flavor seeps into our throat gradually.

 Vapor Production

You will notice that this product produces thick clouds when you exhale. There is also the sweet aroma of peach that lingers with the clouds. The clouds produced when using the Peach flavored e-juice by Cheap eJuice do not disappear right away. It stays longer on the air and is a very pleasant sight to witness.


Cheap eJuice has definitely made this product with all the exquisite ingredients. You actually can taste the real fruit flavor of peach as you vape. There are others that come up with similar flavors but this one from Cheap eJuice is one of a kind. You cannot resist trying it even from just smelling it. What is great about this juice is it is really cheap. The Peach flavored e-juice is only $11.99 for a 120ml bottle. You are able to purchase this product right away at

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Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow E-Juice Review


Paris’ most lovable dessert is now vapable, thanks to Mr. Macaron! Introducing the Vanilla Marshmallow flavor, which the chef excitingly describes as “vanilla with a twist.” The blend gives off a balanced sweet hint of vanilla with smooth cloud-like experience of marshmallow, a perfect combo that will surely engage your senses.

Of the three available flavors under Mr. Macaron’s brand (Salted Caramel and Strawberry Cream), Vanilla Marshmallow is easily the strongest flavor and the most decadent of all. It tastes exactly like a marshmallow dipped in a vanilla extract. And unlike other marshmallow e-liquids on the market today, the marshmallow flavoring on this blend is always the first out of the gate. It is also surprisingly distinct both on the inhale and exhale. On the other hand, the vanilla tends to overpower the marshmallow during the exhale (and soon after), creating a two-layer experience.

So just when you thought you have tried to eat marshmallow in all possible ways (directly grabbing from the bag or roasting it over a fire), the experience is rather incomplete unless you tried it in vape form. And even though you have already tried vaping in the past, nothing tastes like the delightful Vanilla Marshmallow flavor from Mr. Macaron.

Here’s something you should expect from this e-juice though. While the name of the brand itself plus the logo of a mustached chef holding a plate of macarons will tell you that this is a macaron e-liquid, it is apparently not. In fact, foodies will surely immediately notice that it lacks the distinct almond and coconut tastes, which are usually found on the edible French macaron treats.

This heavy, rich, creamy dessert e-liquid could not pass as an all-day vape. And if you try to, your taste buds could go numb, leaving you only with the sweet flavor. Remember this is a full-flavored dessert vape, and it has a strong vapor production. The e-juice turns into big, fluffy white clouds at high wattages, but it could also already produce insane clouds even at 30 watts. The juice is actually thicker than you expect.

One great thing about this blend though is that it does not leave any weird or chemical-like aftertaste in your mouth, which is usual even for popular e-liquid brands.

The e-liquid comes in a 60mL glass bottle with detailed labels including warnings and ingredients displayed. It is placed inside a fancy, Instagram-worth cardboard box too. All the information needed are also available on its decorative website. The impressive packaging and brand presentation clearly show that Mr. Macaron is flexing its marketing muscle hard.

Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow is a high VG e-liquid. To reveal the flavor’s sweetness and cloud flavor, it is best used on high performance sub-ohm tanks or RDA/RDTA devices in high wattages and coil resistance levels at or below 0.5 Ω. This is also all the more suitable for the Smok Alien 85 Premium MOD Kit 85W TC, as its TFV8 Baby Beast tank would surely extract the best of this juice. You also should think twice if you intent to vape in the plus-ohm territory.

Mr. Macaron is a brand made by the popular Mad Hatter Juice, the brilliant mind behind the all-time favorite I Love Donuts and I Love Cookies vapes. Mr. Macaron was officially introduced to the public last September. While some say that Mad Hatter Juice’s reputation made Mr. Macaron a big hit, its undeniably delicious taste is what surely made people want for more.

This flavor also received the Spinfuel Choice Award for Excellence in 2016. It was recognized not only for its high quality brand and delicate packaging but also for its detailed labeling, flavor, and big clouds of vapor.

Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow comes in 0, 3, and 6 mg/ml nicotine strengths. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol  (PG) ratio of 70VG/30PG. Some sites are selling this exquisitely tasty treat for $22 (some even $30), but do not fret mate as offers this for only $18.90 (now that’s a lot of savings!).

After reading this review, head on to the site already and make sure to get a taste of Mr. Macaron’s Vanilla Marshmallow – a crunchy meringue shell with a smooth ‘n’ creamy ganache and gooey marshmallow with vanilla bean.

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Review of Tesla Nano 120W



If you happen to check on the best mods that are available in the market today, the Tesla Nano 120w is the best one to get. It has been designed uniquely and the performance is of high quality. There is a lot of unexpected surprises when you use this device.

When you take a closer look on the device, you will notice that Steampunk elements are used as its design. The elements give the device its intensity with its retro metal texture. The design on the Tesla Nano is one that is a work of art. It’s also got all the features that you need in a box mod. This is definitely one of the best electronic cigarettes that you can get on the market today. Once you get to try this mod, you will know that it is indeed the best. 

Design and Quality

If you check on the device’s body, what you will see is that it is made up of die cast zinc alloy. It also features a toggle switch and has an OLED display. The toggle switch feature on this device makes you use it easily. All you need to do is toggle the switch to turn it on and off.

This box mod really looks great in your hands especially with its retro look. Another great thing about it is that it has a memory function. It means the chosen mode can be saved. The innovative control mode is a new feature that is really awesome because you are able to adjust the flavor according to your preference. Its user mode has a clear presentation. The Tesla Nano also comes with a unique design and colors.

The box that is used to pack the device also has a very intricately printed design on it. Tesla makes sure that the presentation of the product is eye-catching.


The Tesla Nano 120w works with two 18650 high powered batteries. You need to have a charger because this mod does not come with a USB cable. The wattage output of this box mod is up to 120w and the size is 90mm by 55mm by 25mm. The toggle switch feature is easy to use and so is its memory function. If you want to adjust the taste coming out from this box mod, you are able to do so with the innovative taste control feature. You are able to choose the mode from normal, soft, hard, and user mode.

This device has four venting holes on the battery cover. Its terminal ports are silver plated and have high electrical conductivity. This can stand the maximum wattage output. You are also made sure that the device is safe to use with its safety features. These safety features include over puffing and short circuit protection. Additionally, it includes low voltage warning, atomizer alert, reverse connection and low resistance protection.

The Tesla Nano looks good in your hands because of its design and colors. It also has a solid built which is easy to carry around. The temperature control mode from this device works with Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The box mod works well with a temperature between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


There are a lot of e-cigarettes that can easily be bought online and the Tesla Nano 120w is one of the best. The device costs $43.99 which is a very affordable price for a device that is uniquely designed and is made of high-quality materials. The design and style are very attractive, if you see it, you want to get one for yourself right away. It is solid and the zinc alloy makes it look awesome. You also do not have to click a fire button five times to turn on and five times to turn it off because of its new feature which is the toggle switch, This is really one of the best box mods of today and you definitely deserve to have one. The device can be purchased through


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