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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Great E-Liquids


When you are vaping, you should be aware of the fact that you are inhaling vapor into your body. So, it is high time that you look beyond the fancy labeling and packaging on Instagram, and invest some time in understanding where your money is going – is the e-juice good for you?

Here are some tips that can help you decide if a vape juice is for you.

Do You Know the Manufacturer?

A few things to ask are:

  • Does the company which makes this e-juice has a website that you can read up about them?
  • Does the company use high-quality ingredients for its e-liquids and are they manufactured in a lab?
  • Does the e-liquid meet any safety standards?
  • What do other people have to say about the e-juice in reviews?


Identifying your PG/VG ratio

Selecting the right vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio is important to get a great vaping experience. Some vapers are allergic to PG. Check with your doctor if you experience any health issues after vaping. Usually, vapers who are allergic to PG go for 100% VG e-liquids. A MAX VG e-liquid will give you big clouds, while MAX PG e-liquids have a more spot-on flavor and will give you a nice throat hit.

Finding the right VG/PG ratio for you might require a bit of experimentation. In the end, you’ll agree that it is worth it.

Decide Your Nicotine Levels

Just like selecting a VG/PG ratio, finding the best nicotine level for your e-liquid may require a bit of experimentation. Generally, it is advisable to start at a low nicotine level and increase the nicotine concentration next time if you aren’t satisfied. Nothing can be worse than trying to get an e-juice with a flavor that you love, but you can’t stand the throat hit and nic buzz because the nicotine level is way too high for you.

If you want to wean off nicotine, you can gradually reduce your nicotine strength level. Give yourself 3-6 months to gradually level down. Sometimes the effect of smoking is so significant, that you may have to take more than a year.

Pick Glass Over Plastic Bottles

In the previous two years, there has been a relentless change from plastic to glass bottles for e-liquids. There are many reasons for this

  • Plastic bottles may contain toxic materials, for example, BPA.
  • Glass bottles can be easily sanitized before being filled with e-juice.
  • Glass bottles have a longer time span of usability.
  • Glass bottles can be reused effectively, and are comparatively friendly to the environment.

One easy well to tell if a vape juice mix is premium is that it comes in a glass bottle. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Childproof Caps

Following the regrettable death of a 1-year-old youngster from New York after ingesting a bottle of vape juice, the importance of having e-liquid bottles with childproof caps is evident to all.

A childproof cap will not only prevent a toddler from consuming an e-liquid, but it will also help to prevent accidental spillage.


Contrary to popular opinion, I think you can judge a book by its cover. Afterall, it’s what they’re intended for. When looking at the labels of e-liquids, look for information about the ingredients used, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, and even expiry date. A good label will have all this information.

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Vaping guide

Smoking vs Vaporizing


People smoke mainly to extract the active, stimulating substances from plant materials (like tobacco). This is the primary means of consuming herbs and plant material, setting them on fire and inhaling the smoke that results from the burning.

However, did you know that you could still get the active ingredients from a plant without burning it to ashes? This is the beauty and sheer power of vaporization.

Smoking & inhalation

It’s undesirable, but it’s still a fact: burning produces so many harmful substances as tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different byproducts when released to the air. Forty of these are known to be carcinogens or cancer-causing substances.

Aside from tar and carbon monoxide (a component of vehicle exhaust), nearly all the by-products of smoking cause harm to the human body. When a person smokes, he is literally inhaling heated gases. Heated gases have never been beneficial to human health.

Smoking causes health injury to the one smoking, but the sad story does not stop there. Since the smoke does not simply mingle with the environment and disappear into oblivion, second-hand smoke causes damage to persons around you, too.

Decreased effectiveness

Aside from causing bodily harm to the smoker, the effectiveness of the substances that you wish to partake off is decreased significantly. This means that you’re not getting the most out of smoking as the active ingredient is adulterated even before you have the chance to absorb it. Now does that seem fair?

Vaporize it

Vaporization eliminates all these problems completely. Vaporizing your herbs will allow you to enjoy all the medically-proven benefits of these plants without putting your health at risk. It’s a medical breakthrough at your fingertips.

If people can invest in expensive toys or expensive alcoholic beverages, why can’t people invest in something that will prolong their life? Wise investments add years to your life: vaporizers are one of these wise and beneficial investments.


If it’s stimulation you’re after, then it’s stimulation you’ll get. Vaporizing chamomile or lavender is far better than burning these herbs. Your body will respond better to the visible trail of vapors than to harsh, acrid smoke.

Vaporizing does not degrade the stimulating active ingredients. In fact, these ingredients are enhanced because moisture is added to it. This is a big contrast to burning, where moisture is decreased or eliminated altogether.

For those who require precise dosages, vaporizers will also be able to easily deliver ampoules of medicine without any difficulty. Truly, a vaporizer is a well-earned break from smoking.

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If you’re new when it comes to e-cigs and vaping, chances are you’ve heard plenty of terms mentioned, and haven’t got a clue what they actually mean. For instance, you’ve probably heard the term Cartomizer, and while you know that it helps produce the vapor, you may not know exactly how it works, or how it’s different than other methods of producing vapor in eCigs. Let’s take a look at it.

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How do you rate the best e cigar?


The Judgment of the Best E-Cigar

Generally, I’m very simple when it comes to judging the best e-cigar, it’s either something i will recommend to my friends, or it isn’t. You have to keep in mind that as an ex- cigar smoker that vaping an electronic cigar is a different experience yet just the same as smoking a traditional cigar like a Humidor or Cubana. Every Cigar smoker tends to smoke for different reasons. For me, I tend to like the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you have the time to sit back relax and smoke a good high-end cigar. The benefits of the best e-cigar are no smell, odor, or smoke only vapor. My wife and my side woman are so happy that it doesn’t stink anymore.

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Vaping guide

DIY E-Liquid Mixing Guide for E-Juice

DIY E-Liquid Mixing Guide for E-Juice

An intro to the Do-It-Yourself vaping experience
Mixing is quite easy but please remember that Nicotine is a toxic substance and Nitrile gloves should be worn when handling Nicotine e-liquid. E-liquid contains Nicotine which can be absorbed through the skin. Care must be taken to avoid contact with skin, mouth and eyes. Should contact occur, wash with plenty of fresh running water. Our eLiquid is bottled in containers with Child Resistant Closures. E-Liquid Mixing Guide is great, However, eLiquid should always remain out of reach and sight of children and animals. Eliquid might be harmful to the environment and should not be allowed to enter the watercourse.

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The popularity of E-Cigarettes has grown at an incredible rate over the past few years. But with hundreds of e-cig brands and various options it makes choosing the best electronic cigarette overwhelming if you’re a first-time vaper.  And if youchoosing the best electronic cigarette currently vape and want to switch brands it can be difficult to know what to look for in an e-cig that will improve your satisfaction overall.  It’s like looking for the needle in the haystack.  So, before choosing the best electronic cigarette, ask the following questions:

Question 1 – How durable and long-lasting is the battery?

The battery is the engine that powers and drives your e-cig. Quality is non-negotiable. You’ll want a battery that is reliable and will last you a long time when choosing the best electronic cigarette. You’d also want one that gives a smooth, fluid airflow. And is made of tough, durable construction to survive the many bumps and bounces they’ll take while traveling and moving around throughout your day.

Question 2 – How big or heavy is the e-cig and how does it work?

One of the most important things is to make sure you choose an e-cig to fit your lifestyle.  If you’re busy, and like things simple, effortless, and discreet (especially in social situations), then a mini-style e-cig, like the ones we sell, is perfect for you.  The batteries come charged and ready to use and our cartridges are ready to use for your convenience.  Pop a cartridge out of its package, screw it onto a battery, and take a puff. It’s an affordable luxury that is simple, effortless and elegant. Our SV™ eLiquid cartridges all come triple-sealed to maximize the freshness of every puff for your ultimate satisfaction.

Question 3 – Which flavors are offered? Are they any good? Have they been tested?

You have sophisticated taste buds. And we know that distinct rich flavor is important. Getting a bad flavor will ruin your satisfaction with vaping.  So make sure that you look for quality, not necessarily quantity when choosing the best electronic cigarette. Having extremely high-quality flavor blends with pure and tested ingredients is critical when it comes to flavor, to your safety and your vaping pleasure.  If you are just starting out, then look for flavors that are truly authentic, with rich descriptions and come in a variety of nicotine strengths. You’ll also want to be sure that the flavors are Diacetyl-free, Gluten-free and Acetyl Propionyl-free to ensure your safety. All Smoking Vapor flavors are free of these and we adhere to the strictest quality control guidelines. You will certainly want to try out different flavors until you find your flavor or the collection of flavors that you deem best. Find a brand like ours that will allow you to try single cartridges instead of having to buy an entire pack to find your flavor. Make sure you choose a company like Smoking Vapor that is known for superior vapor performance, delicious flavors and that give you the kick that your looking for to satisfy your cravings.

Question 4 – How many charging options do I have?

This might seem like an odd question, but we know that you’re busy and these days convenience is everything.  You want an e-cig that is easy to charge, with multiple ways of charging it, so you don’t end up with a dead battery and no way to vape. Near a computer? Plug your USB charger into a port, and screw the battery in. Driving? Use our high-powered car adapter, and you can charge your battery on the go. In Bed? If there is no computer nearby, you can always charge your battery using any wall outlet, with one of our high-powered wall adapters. So remember, whichever e-cig you choose, make sure it gives you a range of charging options.


Question 5 – How expensive is it?

We know that value matters when choosing the best electronic cigarette. And we expect that you want an affordable luxury that meets your needs and expectations. With Smoking Vapor™ e-cigs, we spent that last 8 years refining and improving our product so that you can get a luxury product at an affordable price that delivers on the performance you expect.   We believe in getting more than you pay for, and so we provide the highest quality premium product so you get the biggest bang for your buck. Amazing flavor profiles, rich vapor production and effortless ease of use are the winning components of real value.

Question 6 – Does the e-cig company value customers with warranties and service?

When choosing the best electronic cigarette; No matter how good quality control is, or how careful you are, sometimes there are damaged parts. Maybe you will drop your ecig in the pool by accident. Will the e-cig brand replace it for you? Or are you stuck? What if battery won’t charge? Or the e-cigarette battery didn’t perform as promised. Will they replace it for you? Sure, you’d want the best e-cigarette for the best value, but you wouldn’t want to be left high and dry if the e-cig company doesn’t take care of issues or help you out. So be smart and choose a brand that offers generous return and warranty policies and has superior customer service. Look for a brand with a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable customer care team. (We recommend you call them and ask some questions. See how they treat you. Are you treated like family? Are they located in the USA?) At Smoking Vapor™ we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible and exceeding your expectations. To us, you ARE family. So call us and see for yourself, we would LOVE to talk with you!
With hundreds of competing e-cig branding messages out there, it might look difficult, but after doing your homework you’ll see how easy it can be to choose the e-cig that offers a variety of great flavor blends, huge vaping volume, and outstanding customer service. Join our family with Smoking Vapor™ e-cigs. We’re looking forward to serving you

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Stop Smoking Start Vaping

Stop Smoking Start Vaping

Smoking is particularly damaging to your well being. This informative article looks at what the potential risks of smoking are why an e-cigarette can be a substantially healthier option. Stop smoking start vaping to increase your lung function.

First of all, tobacco smoking has got the known health hazards attached to it. When you inhale smoke from tobacco, you’re clogging your lungs up with harmful chemicals that causes a range of different cancers and respiratory problems. Even so you need to keep in mind if you smoke, the people around you do as well, regardless of your intentions. Passive smoking has an effect on friends and family and increases the probability of getting lung cancer.

A lot of people would like to look after their family against danger and obviously, wouldn’t wish to harm  them with tobacco smoke.

As a result of health risks connected with cigarette smoking, governments are doing what they can to reduce the number of smokers. This includes increasing the cost of tobacco. The tax on cigarettes is increasing and is probably going to continue to rise. Quitting smoking not only is very good for your health, it truly is excellent for your bank balance.

It is well recognized that many people smoke socially only. Smoking is becoming anti-social as a consequence of the smoking ban as you have to smoke outside in the cold. Smoking outside in the cold is not very appealing to most people. E cigarettes allow you to light up indoors as an e cigarette is not included in the tobacco smoking ban.

Once you Stop smoking start vaping, you’ll discover your sense of smell as well as your taste senses improve substantially as you clear them of tobacco. Although you are able to quit, you should just take the much easier option of transitioning to an e cigarette. E cigs are much healthier and don’t clog up your lungs.

You are able to buy an e cigarette in a variety of flavors to suit each and every taste bud and they are shaped exactly like tobacco cigarettes. However, an e cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco which eliminates the risks of smoking e cigarettes all together. The vapor you inhale is harmless and comes with a range of different flavors and scents. The intense roast taste alone will make certain you do not miss your old tobacco cigarettes. The only difference now is that your lungs stay clean and you are able to extend your life clear of tobacco once you Stop smoking start vaping.

The tobacco landscape has totally changed since the introduction of e cigs. E cigs give smokers the  ability to select the nicotine levels of the e cigarette as well as a massive range of flavors.

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