Cheap Ejuice Strawberry ShortShake Review

Strawberries have been a household flavor in the e-juice industry. I for one love anything that has strawberry in it. I like the smell it gives off and the taste it produces as well. So, I found this new strawberry-flavored vape called Strawberry Shortshake from Cheap Ejuice. I did some further Google research and found that this blend not only has tons of positive feedbacks but is also listed as one of the best-selling ejuices. That being said, here is my flavor report for this dessert vape.

Its website says “Strawberry ShortShake by Cheap eJuice is a strawberry milkshake cake flavored e-juice with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream on top of a freshly baked cake.” Although the word ShortShake seems like a tongue twister, its flavor profile sounds really interesting.

Now, time to sweat the wick. As you may have noticed, there are three base flavors included in this blend – strawberries, vanilla, and cake. This e-juice has a good sweet strawberry taste. It is not quite like the candy type or the ripe fruit; but the taste is somewhere in between. The vanilla is rich and creamy, and I think this creamy taste is where they actually got the milkshake type. Then the cakey taste is also there, and it is almost like an icing flavor.

On the inhale, you will get some good strawberry taste out of this vape juice. Then the creamy and cakey taste is noticeable on the exhale with some hints of the milkshake taste I was talking about earlier on the backend part. I have to admit that this e-juice has a perfect blend of all these three flavors.

While all these flavors can be throat-itchy, the sweetness is well-blended enough to just tantalize your taste buds. You are definitely allowed to enjoy its sweet taste without any cringe. What’s really impressive is this Cheap E-juice blend does not leave any chemical-tasting aftertaste like so many other brands out there.

The Strawberry ShortShake by Cheap E-Juice has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. It also really does not matter if you plan to tank or drip this. As for throat hit, you will expect some mild but not harsh ones when vaping this. However, it does not create any nose burning sensation or this will not leave your mouth feeling dry. It is very smooth both on the inhale and exhale. My vaping experience was pretty solid using my eVic Primo with Subzero RDA set between 95 and 98 watts.

As for the clouds, they are beautiful, dense, and do not disappear immediately. I love how the smell of strawberries floats in the air and fills the room. Your nose will definitely not mistaken this for anything else. The strawberry and vanilla scents are so distinct.

The quality of the nicotine is fair. And this product comes in two nicotine options – 3 mg and 6 mg. If you want a stronger hit, you can go for the 6 mg. Others may say that this is too low, as other brands offer up to 24 mg of nicotine. However, other reviewers say that the nicotine of this e-juice can be a lot stronger than you expect, so I suggest you give a try first. Meanwhile, I recommend the 3 mg for average users or those who just want to give this flavor a shot.

This dessert flavored e-juice is comes in in a chubby gorilla bottle, which makes the vape juice very easy to squeeze out and is perfect for tank users and drippers alike. Other advantages of using this bottle type are its child-resistant cap, pocket friendly design, wide-fill hole, and easy pour dripping narrow tip.

I like how simple the design is, just like the rest of the ejuices on its Dessert Flavors collection. The bottle is wrapped with a white label. The brand name “Cheap Ejuice” is printed vertically across the front area, occupying more than half of the space. Then just below it, you can find the flavor name “Strawberry ShortShake” and the bottle size. The prints are a combination of dark and light pink colors.

For its quality and price, this is a pretty cheap e-liquid. You can get your own 120-mL bottle for as low as $12.99 at Now that is really a very good deal I must say. You can hardly find cheap prices like this anywhere.