Coco Pops Vape Juice by Out of the Box Review

As a child, I had a favorite cereal that I relished eating for breakfast. I often reminisce the memories and occasionally eat the same bowl of cereal in the morning. The flavor is still sublime as it was when I was a kid. It’s true the saying that ‘grownups are just big kids’.

I vape and was thrilled to discover a cereal-flavored e-juice that reminds me of the cereal I relished as a kid. Coco Pops by Out of the Box has the crunch and chocolate flavor I like so much. I’m a big fan of anything chocolate-flavored. Coco Pops is made of cocoa dusted cereal pieces drenched in delicious creamy chocolate milk.

A Fantastic Flavor

Coco Pops is exceptionally delicious. You get all the rich cocoa flavor as you inhale. The flavor is mixed with hints of sugar and milk. On the exhale you taste the chocolate crunch of the cereal gradually giving way to a creamy scoop of chocolate milk.  The flavor is spot-on. You obtain 100% the taste of Coco Pops cereal After exhaling, there is a sweet scent that lingers enticing you for more.

VG/PG Ratio

Coco Pops has VG of 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG). The ratio is perfect for cloud chasers. There is massive cloud production, the clouds are dense and can be felt in the mouth. Cloud chasers will have a thrill when they blow the huge clouds. The VG/PG ratio also provides a perfect balance between flavor and cloud production. Flavor-chasers delight in the fantastic taste. You may have a preferred device, but I often find that a rebuildable dripping atomizer provides the best vaping experience. Coco Pops vape juice is on the thicker side of 70/30. However, it’s quite soft on coils.

Nicotine Level

Out of the Box chose to make available its e-juice in three different nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. These are low-level nicotine strengths and provide mild throat hits. If you like strong throat hits, you can climb the ladder by purchasing separately additional nic shots.

The throat hits feel smooth when you inhale and exhale. There is no itching in the nose or any burning or charring sensation.

If you feel that the e-juice is not giving the right flavor, consider steeping it to allow the ingredients to mix well. Usually, most e-liquids come from the factory already pretty steep, but if the date on the box is less than two weeks, it’s a good idea to steep it.


The clear glass dropper bottle of Coco Pops is available in 60 ml capacity.  The label has a big bowl of cereal with chunky coco pops and milk. The design of the logo conveys all the information about the e-juice. Other the brand and product name, nothing else is mentioned on the bottle.

The box is made of cardboard and has the same picture as the one on the bottle however, there are more graphics on the box. You will also find information relating to the product such as VG/PG, nicotine strength, and the mandatory warning found on all products containing nicotine.


You can find some of the best prices on various websites. For only $20.97 at you will be able to enjoy premium-quality e-juice. The price is a bargain price. It’s an opportunity to obtain one of the best cereal-flavored e-liquid currently on the market.


Coco Pops has the flavor of real chocolate cereal. You cannot get enough of this delicious e-liquid. If you’re one of those vapers that like cereal-flavored e-liquids, Coco Pops will delight you. It’s certainly going to be an all-day vape.

Out of the Box uses only natural ingredients and the latest of technologies to make its e-liquids. You will not feel any chemical aftertaste to suggest artificial flavoring. Coco Pops e-juice is for those who like vaping cereal-flavored e-juice and still crave the delicious cereals they ate as kids.