Cyclops Vapors Phoenix Fresh Crisp Strawberry Review

Myth Behind the Name:

When the Phoenix reaches the end of its life, it’s said to build itself a nest out of aromatic spices such as cinnamon and myrrh. It then sets the nest and itself on fire and is burned to ashes. Shortly, the Phoenix rises again and begins its life again. In some traditions, the new Phoenix gathers up the ashes of the old and offers them to the Sun God.

Cyclops Vapor: Dedication to the Chemistry

There is not an infinite number of Gods. Each Deity is unique, bringing something remarkable to the pantheon. Cyclops Vapor sees their liquids in the same way. Each should be perfect. A stunning flavor combination that is unique.

They will spend months improving each e-liquid flavor before even hinting that it’s being researched and developed. Even after this process, Cyclops Vapor may not bring it to the market. Cyclops Vapor has discarded more flavors than they’ve accepted, even after months of work, because at Cyclops Vapor they believe that the customers deserve the best.

Cyclop Vapors Product Process:

Strawberries for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack, dinner and of course dessert. They are versatile, simple to prepare and so yummy! A dazzling and sweet strawberry vapor experience you will love! Cyclops Vapor takes simple ingredients and carefully, methodically, work to transform them into incredible flavor combinations. Just the slightest change in the balance of ingredients and how they’re processed can drastically affect the quality and the taste of an e-liquid. Cyclops Vapor works for months altering the formulas for our flavors, testing subtle changes, before finally settling on what we believe is the perfect combination.


I’ve already discussed a good deal about juice from the folks over at Cyclops Vapor, but this is the first bottle I’ve managed to get my hands on from their new house branded line of e-liquid. Cyclops Vapor has been selling juice since 2013. They have eight high-quality e-juice lines that are well made, and downright delicious.

So while there was not necessarily a need for another line of juice on the shelves, having quality options to choose from is never a bad thing. With their reputation for making high-quality e-liquids, I was looking forward to seeing what the manufacturer was whipping up in their mixing room, so I eagerly grabbed a fresh dripping atomizer and the bottle of Fresh Strawberry and got to work.

The Phoenix at Cyclops Vapor is not particularly significant but is not as small as some others that I’ve seen in the past either. They choose to focus on the less complex flavors and from what I’ve reviewed up to this point, they’re doing a very good job just sticking to the basics.

The Phoenix, Fresh Strawberry is clearly the most robust flavor in the profile with a sweet and fresh crispy quality that presents immediately with a rich, ripe, intense flavor while still possessing a smooth, subtle creaminess thanks to the smoothie portion of the profile. The sweet, fresh Strawberry flavor and crispy element derived from the smoothie component are nicely complimented by the high, fruity notes of a strawberry overtone.

I took this juice all the way from 6 ½ watts, that’s 4.4V on a 3Ω atty up to over 11, or 5.8V, and the throat hit continued to increase but not overwhelmingly so.

Overall Assessment:

This is very refreshing. The Strawberry is well defined with the field new crispy tones of this juice. The Strawberry just rolls on your tongue with its sweet juicy flavor. A favorite for me.


Robust options for nicotine level
Child-proof cap
Full range of PG/VG ratio




Weight:0.30 LBS
Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz


Give it a try! Let me know what you think!