E Cigars And E-Cigs A Newbs Guide To Smoking Alternative

E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars Great Alternatives

Despite being thought of as a smoking “alternative,” e-cigarettes, or e-cigars, are well on their way to becoming the norm. Currently, of the 45 million U.S. smokers, it’s estimated that only about 2.5 million have made the switch to e-cigs  – but the market is rapidly increasing. Forecasters predict that e-cigs are on their way to $2 billion in sales by the end of 2014. What about the cigar smokers and what solution will be provided for them? Are there a lot of e cigar makers? Is there a demand for e-cigars?

Since e-cigs and e-cigars are still fairly new, you might be wondering just what all the fuss is concerning them. Well, consider this e-cigs – e-cigars 101, as you determine whether or not what we call “vaping” is for you:
How it Works

Unlike traditional cigarettes and cigars, e-cigs and e-cigars don’t rely on tobacco, and they aren’t lit. Conversely, e-cigs and e-cigars use a nicotine liquid from a loaded cartridge to produce vapor, creating a sensation that’s similar to traditional smoking a cigarette or cigar. Since nothing is burned, and tobacco isn’t used, e-cigs and e-cigars are free of lots of the ingredients that you might find in traditional tobacco products, both from a first-hand and second-hand perspective.
What Types of Flavors are Available?

Are you a premium menthol vaper? Pina Colada? Prefer a different flavor? Vanilla? Strawberry? No matter what you prefer, you won’t have a hard time finding that flavor in an e-cig or e-cig cigar e-cigar. In fact, there are over 50 different types of flavors currently available for e-cig smokers. Like we said before, e-cigs are designed to create the traditional smoking experience, but in a cleaner way. To accomplish this, flavor quality and quantity is not sacrificed.
Aside from Cleanliness, What are other Good Reasons to Switch to e-Cigs or e-cigars?

Other than e-cigs or e-cigars being a cleaner alternative, they’re also less expensive when compared to the real thing. Since e-cigs or e-cigars aren’t classified as a tobacco product, they’re not subject to the same lofty taxes that cigarettes are. You can even order e-cigs online and shipped right to your door. What’s more is that e-cigs and e-cigars don’t emit the same odor as traditional smokes, meaning that you won’t have to worry about smelly clothes, upholstery, car interiors, etc.

A final benefit is that the laws and regulations that apply to smoking don’t necessarily apply to e-cigs or e-cigars, making it feasible to smoke them in certain public places and even at the office.

I’ve Heard that e-Cigs and e-Cigars are Harmful – True or False?

False. Unfortunately, since the e-cig and the e-cigar market is rapidly rising and taking profit away from the traditional tobacco companies, they’re becoming threatened and spreading misinformation. As we stated previously, e-cigs and e-cigars don’t contain tobacco or any of the tobacco byproducts – so many folks have chosen to use them as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

As more long-term research is conducted on e-cigs or e-cigars, it’s likely that they’ll only become more championed as smoking alternatives. About 2.5 million have already figured it out and much more are likely on the way in the coming years.