There are cigarette smokers, and then there are cigar smokers. Seldom do the two cross, so when you’re looking at e-cigs versus e-cigars, it’s a matter of choice and preference as to what you’d like to get out of your vaping. This is what we will discuss in these e-cigars reviews.
E-Cigs — Do You Vape Them?

Let’s look at e-cigs. They’re styled to look and feel like the real thing. The e-juice has a hint of nicotine, and the end glows, emitting a cloud of unscented vapor, which looks like smoke.

Many people who use e-cigs are actually former cigarette smokers. They’ve heard for years that smoking is something they shouldn’t do for a number of reasons, and many have made the switch to e-cigs as an alternative. Perhaps they’re tired of being singled out because smoking has developed a negative rap, and many places don’t allow it.

What’s more, you’re not limited to just a tobacco taste. You can choose decadent flavorings such asblueberry, pineapple, and chocolate, and more.
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So, what’s the difference between an e-cig and an e-cigar? E-cigars are aimed at the cigar smoker who is a little tired of wasting so much money on recreational smokes. E-cigars look like the real thing, and the juice in them is formulated to taste like a great cigar should. Depending on the type of e-cigar, you can buy disposable ones that have a 2-year shelf life, and close to 2000 puffs. Since many cigar smokers smoke occasionally, they look for a certain taste and experience. More isn’t necessarily pleasurable, so if you don’t vape much, but do enjoy a good occasional cigar, e-cigars may be the right choice for you.

If you choose a refillable e-cigar, you can choose from different flavors, just as you would e-cigarettes. These e cigars reviews are to help you find exactly what you want from an e cigar and how you want it.
So, is the E-Cig or the E-Cigar Right for You?

If you love traditional cigarettes, chances are that the e-cig is going to fit the bill here. Not only are they cheaper than the cost of regular cigarettes, but you can switch flavors and strengths whenever you want. You get the same sensation that a conventional cigarette will give you because it has the right amount of nicotine you crave. At the same time, you can vape as much as you care to; wherever you want to.

With the e-cigar, you’re going for the occasional experience and not the same daily rush that the e-cig crowd goes for. At the same time, you get the taste, the experience, and the rush from an e-cigar the same way as you would a regular cigar, without the hassle and smoke smell.