Everything You Need to Know About VG/PG and DIY E-Juice Recipes

One of the most exciting things about vaping is the choice of e-liquids. There are many types of e-liquid flavors available on the market. However, there is a trend among vapers to get into DIY e-liquids. The undertaking to make e-liquids yourself is not an easy one; it requires research, practice, and a specific set of tools. There is a DIY community of vapers making e-liquids at home. And there are a host of DIY e-juice recipes that you can find online. You can visit ejuice.deals for some of the best recipes.

One of the perks of making e-liquids at home is that you can make them suit your specific requirements. You can also take control of what ingredients and additives are included in your e-juice. DIY e-juice recipes help you save money too. You save money when you make e-juice at home and not buy ready-made e-liquids at retail cost.

Flavor Concentrates

One of the most important ingredients in making e-liquids at home is flavor concentrates. There are flavor concentrates for almost any flavor that you can imagine. It is best that you buy flavor concentrates that are natural and do not contain any chemical flavors. You have to be sure that you do not buy flavor concentrates containing Diacetyl or Acetyl or Acetyl Propionyl (2, 3- pentanedione). Also, you also want to be sure that your flavor concentrates do not contain any nicotine or tobacco.

Vegetable Glycerin

Another essential to making e-liquids are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). These two ingredients are similar but different. When making e-liquids, you have to sure that you get your proportions right. VG and PG normally make up around 80 to 90 percent of all e-liquids. PG and VG are odorless. The more VG included in your e-juice, the thicker it becomes. And Max VG blends are also important for cloud chasers. If you enjoy blends with dense clouds, then you have to include more VG in your mix.

Putting a lot of VG in your mix will also result in your coils getting clogged. E-liquids with high concentrations of VG may not work with some mods and atomizers. Blends rich in VG tend to have an uncomfortable effect on the throat. You may get dry mouth, throat pain, and a sore throat from vaping e-liquids with Max VG content. Feeling thirsty is also another effect of using e-liquids with high VG.

Propylene Glycol

Besides being odourless, PG is also a slightly sweet compound that is necessary for your e-liquid to taste great. One of the effects PG has on e-liquids is the throat hit. Many vapers are particular about how e-liquids feel on the throat. If you are one of those vapers who enjoy a strong throat hit, then you have to look at your PG levels. Also, PG carries flavor better than VG.

One of the main let-downs of putting too much PG in your DIY vape mix is the terrible effect it has on the throat. Max PG blends can cause throat irritation, sore throat, and throat dryness.

The trick to mixing VG and PG successfully is finding a balance. Most e-liquids contain either 70/30 VG mix ratios or 80/20. A few blends, mostly nic salts e-liquids, contain a 50/50 VG and PG mix.