Halo Tribeca E-Liquid Review  

I work hard on a daily basis, and when I’m not working, I just want to relax while reading a good book and vaping on something smooth and refreshing. I quit smoking a few years back, but there’s just something about that fresh tobacco taste that I just can’t get enough. I love researching and I always do at least a little before I buy anything. Smokly has been my one-stop shop for some time now and its pretty much the only place I shop for my tobacco flavored e-liquids. If you need to do a little research on Smokly, there are lots of e-juice reviews out there to read. 

I’ve tried different tobacco e-liquids from them, and I must say they only carry the best that the industry has to offer. The next e-liquid I had my eye on was Tribeca by Halo. I’ve had other e-liquids by them, so I knew I was in for a treat with this one. Not only does this e-liquid have great tobacco flavor, but it also comes with vanilla and caramel to give an exquisite sweet finish. If you’re into tobacco or dessert vapes, this vape juice is the one. The refreshing taste is quite relaxing, and it makes the perfect all day vape.

Halo has never let me down. Every e-juice I’ve had from them has been spot on, including their menthol vapes. Tribeca has to be one of my top three favorites from their entire collection. The tobacco flavor is transcendent and oh so smooth. I don’t know how they did it, but vaping this e-liquid is just like smoking real tobacco. The vanilla and caramel flavors are well balanced and give this it just the right amount of sweetness. Other sweet tobacco blends I’ve tried in the past have been either overwhelmingly sweet or altogether underwhelming. However, with this one, you won’t be let down. This is the perfect blend to go with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a good book. This e-juice can help even the most stressed minds unwind and relax.

You can find several Halo e-liquids including Tribeca on the Smokly website. A 60ml bottle of this e-liquid is currently only $21.90. For pure tranquility in a bottle, this is quite a steal. You can also purchase mods, tanks, RDA’s replacement coils and other vaping products at the Smokly store. The simple design of the Smokly store ensures you don’t have to waste time browsing all over the web because they have everything you need in one location. The website is well organized, so you will have no problems find anything you need. 

Like other e-liquids in the Halo collection, Tribeca has a VG/PG ratio of 80/20. This is a MAX VG blend, so you’ll be chucking loads and loads of thick, dense, aromatic cloud through the air with each puff. This e-liquid is available with a variety of nicotine strengths. You can get it with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg of nicotine. I’m a sub ohm vaper, so I like to stay around 3mg. However, this e-juice is so refreshing and smooth the next time I get it I might try it in its 6mg form. If you wish to get this vape juice with 12mg or 18mg of nicotine, I’d recommend using an e-cigarette which can also be found on Smokly.

Halo’s Tribeca comes in a box with a clear plastic view on the front so you can see that your e-liquid is intact. In the box, the e-juice comes in a translucent cobalt blue glass bottle with a white child locking dropper cap. The dropper is perfect for dripping on RDA’s or filling tanks effortlessly. The label on the bottle contains the company’s name logo and some information about the contents. The Halo logo is really attractive, and it stands out on the label.

Smokly sells lots of e-juices manufactured all over the world, and there’s pretty much always a sale going on so be sure to check the store frequently.