Juul Starter Kit by Juul Review

The Juul Starter Kit is the ideal kit for anyone looking to cut out smoking cigarettes and transition to vaping. It gives you the same restricted draw and nicotine hit as a real cigarette, but without the char and bad smell. The Juul is a mouth-to-lung device. It is simple and easy enough for even beginners. You should know that the Juul Starter Kit is a closed pod system.

Juul Starter Kit by Juul

Juul products were originally available only in the US. However, it is now available in many countries around the world. Juul Labs, an offshoot of Pax Labs, was founded in June 2015 by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. Today, the Juul is undeniably the most popular e-cigarette device in the industry.

Proud users of Juul even call themselves ‘Juulers.’ So if you are thinking of becoming a Juuler, you can get the Juul Starter Kit at Ejuice Deals for just $39.99. This device is usually sold for about $64.99. It comes in a simple cardboard box with all the necessary information. Inside the cardboard box you will find:

  • 1x Juul Battery
  • 2x non-refillable Pods – 1 for each flavor (Virginia and Cool Mint)
  • 1x USB Charging Dock / Magnetic USB Charger

This compact device is a whole lot better than the bulky vaping devices out there What’s more, you do not have to worry about changing or leaking issues. The Juul is made with high-grade materials, and measures at 1.51cm in width, and 8.72cm in length. It can fit comfortably into your pocket. It is also perfect for stealthy vaping.

The Juul has a two-part design; the battery and a cartridge. It is draw-activated so there are no buttons or menus to navigate. Just fix the cartridge into the battery and take a nice long drag. The device is light-weight, but it is still heavier than an actual cigarette.

The rather cheap Juul pods come with nicotine salts e-liquids. The pods come with a variety of e-juice flavors. Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid and is available with either 5% or 3% of nicotine.

Juul Starter Kit by Juul

On the body of the Juul device is an LED indicator that glows when you insert the pod. Also, while charging, the LED indicates the devices charge level. If you tap the area below the LED twice, it will show Green if its battery is fully charged, Yellow when it is medium, and Red when the battery is low. The Juul has a 380mAh non-removable battery with a high discharge rate, offering 200 puffs when it is fully charged. It uses a convenient magnetic charging dock that plugs into any USB port. The 380mAh battery will only take about 50 minutes to charge when it is empty.

The Juul device features automatic temperature regulation to prevent you from getting dry hits. Its intelligent heating mechanism creates an aerosol which helps reduce combustion, allowing you to use one pod for a long time and still get the same rich flavor.

Head over to the Ejuice Deals online store to grab yourself the Juul Starter Kit and start a new adventure in the world of vaping.