LYX Vapors Menthol E-Liquid Review

Menthol is another masterpiece e-liquid from LYX. It is one of the flavors in the LYX Classic line. This line is dedicated to classic flavors that have stood the test of time. Apart from Menthol, the other flavors in the LYX Classic line are Doc Holiday (which has pure tobacco flavor) and Coil Killa (which is based on the sweet taste of desserts). Menthol has a full blast of the icy coolness of menthol flavor. If you want an e-liquid that is different from other highly sweet e-liquids with menthol flavor out there. Menthol is an all day vape. However, those who can’t stand the strong menthol flavor may want to change the e-juice or mix it with others.

Menthol by LYX Vapors is one of those e-juice blends that you can vape at any time of the day, and in any weather condition. Whether you are under the scotching sun or in the blistering cold, Menthol does not disappoint. Another impressive feature of this LYX e-liquid is that you can mix it with just about any other e-juice and the result will be fantastic. This is because it is composed of straight menthol flavor. The taste of this e-liquid does not change much on the inhale and exhale. The most noticeable different when vaping Menthol is that the icy coolness of menthol becomes stronger as you exhale. Overall, the blend is done well. This e-liquid is as close to enjoying pure menthol flavor as you can get on a vaping device.

LYX Vapor’s Menthol has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. It does not have a very thick texture. However, it is suitable for dripping. The taste of this e-liquid is excellent whether you choose to drip it or vape it from a sub ohm tank. The vapor production of LYX’s Menthol is remarkable. You will get lots of dense clouds from vaping this e-juice. For the best clouds, you need to vape it on a powerful vape kit with a tank/RDA which is designed for producing gigantic vapor.

LYX’s Menthol comes with different nicotine concentration levels just like others in the company’s Classic line. You can get Menthol with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit of this e-liquid is very subtle. You can sense the cool menthol/minty flavor in the back of your throat more than you can sense any throat hit. If you want an intense throat hit from this e-juice, you are better off going for the version of Menthol with 6mg of nicotine.

Menthol comes with the same packaging design as other e-liquid flavors in the LYX Vapors Classic line. The e-juice is packed in a clear glass bottle with a black dropper cap. The fact that the bottle is transparent means you can see the exact level of the e-juice left in the bottle. However, it is also a source of concern because exposure to sunlight could affect the quality of the e-liquid. This means you need to keep the bottle in a dark place as much as possible.

LYX Vapors is a new brand that has been making a name for itself in the US market. The company, which came onto the scene in July, has three e-liquid lines in its collection. Apart from Menthol, the other e-liquids in the LYX Classic line are Doc Holiday and Coil Killa. You can get a 60ml bottle of each of these e-liquids on the company’s vape shop. While you can get a 60ml bottle of Coil Killa and Doc Holiday for $19.99 each, Menthol is going for $11.99 for 60ml. While this e-liquid may be cheaper than the rest, it has the same great quality.