Melon Burst By Burst E-Liquid Review

Vapers know choosing the right e-liquid can be quite tricky. The statement holds particularly true when you are looking for flavors you can vape all day long with. (your go to flavor) Vapers who enjoy fruit flavored e-juice blends are also aware that some e-liquids on the market don’t taste like the fruits they are supposed to have been made of. Some e-juice manufacturers have through experience and expertise developed ways of creating memorable e-liquid lines which rarely disappoint. However, there are others who are still trying to get a grip on things. Burst E-Liquids, a US e-juice manufacturer is one of those vaping brands that already has a swing of making premium e-liquids. The company specializes in creating e-liquids with different fruit flavors. Melon Burst, a refreshing and tasty e-juice which combines the flavors of various melons to create a unique vaping experience. Melon Burst is one of several Burst E-liquid flavors in its fruit inspired e-juice line. 

Melon Burst by Burst E-Liquids combines the taste of ripe cantaloupe, sweet honeydew, and fresh watermelons. Unlike a lot of melon flavored e-liquids that don’t live up to the hype, Burst Melon really tastes like melon. It also tastes just like a warm and breezy summer day. Although it is not too sweet, it has a refreshing feel to it. Melon Burst has a mellow flavor when you inhale; it is the taste of watermelons that hits your taste buds. However, mid way through, you will start to taste the cantaloupe flavor whose sweetness can only be compared to the taste of candy. But it is only when you exhale that you start to taste the honeydew flavor. Melon Burst by Burst E-Liquids has a very delicious aftertaste filled with the taste of honeydew. This e-juice is ideal for vapers who enjoy melon flavors.

Melon Burst by Burst E-Liquids contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 80/20. The high VG content of this e-juice makes it thick and ideal for use on a rebuild able atomizer (RDA). Melon Burst can also be used with a sub ohm tank. And unlike a lot of fruit flavored e-liquids, Melon Burst does not burn your coils out quickly.

Melon Burst by Burst E-Liquids is one of those e-liquids made for vapers who enjoy blowing out massive clouds. The high VG content of this Melon Burst makes it ideal to produce large clouds. Not only does Melon Burst produce huge clouds, but it also retains a lot of flavor. Burst E-Liquids were able to balance massive clouds and flavor retention in Melon Burst. And thanks to its max VG content, Melon Burst has a smooth and mellow throat hit. When vaping this e-juice, there is not a chance of suffering from throat irritations. Melon Burst comes in different levels that may disappoint vapers who enjoy higher nicotine amounts. These nicotine strength levels are from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Melon Burst by Burst E-Liquids comes in 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottles. This e-juice also comes with a nozzle cap. The plastic bottle which Melon Burst comes in is to ensure that it does not break if it falls.

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