Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow E-Juice Review

Paris’ most lovable dessert is now vapable, thanks to Mr. Macaron! Introducing the Vanilla Marshmallow flavor, which the chef excitingly describes as “vanilla with a twist.” The blend gives off a balanced sweet hint of vanilla with smooth cloud-like experience of marshmallow, a perfect combo that will surely engage your senses.

Of the three available flavors under Mr. Macaron’s brand (Salted Caramel and Strawberry Cream), Vanilla Marshmallow is easily the strongest flavor and the most decadent of all. It tastes exactly like a marshmallow dipped in a vanilla extract. And unlike other marshmallow e-liquids on the market today, the marshmallow flavoring on this blend is always the first out of the gate. It is also surprisingly distinct both on the inhale and exhale. On the other hand, the vanilla tends to overpower the marshmallow during the exhale (and soon after), creating a two-layer experience.

So just when you thought you have tried to eat marshmallow in all possible ways (directly grabbing from the bag or roasting it over a fire), the experience is rather incomplete unless you tried it in vape form. And even though you have already tried vaping in the past, nothing tastes like the delightful Vanilla Marshmallow flavor from Mr. Macaron.

Here’s something you should expect from this e-juice though. While the name of the brand itself plus the logo of a mustached chef holding a plate of macarons will tell you that this is a macaron e-liquid, it is apparently not. In fact, foodies will surely immediately notice that it lacks the distinct almond and coconut tastes, which are usually found on the edible French macaron treats.

This heavy, rich, creamy dessert e-liquid could not pass as an all-day vape. And if you try to, your taste buds could go numb, leaving you only with the sweet flavor. Remember this is a full-flavored dessert vape, and it has a strong vapor production. The e-juice turns into big, fluffy white clouds at high wattages, but it could also already produce insane clouds even at 30 watts. The juice is actually thicker than you expect.

One great thing about this blend though is that it does not leave any weird or chemical-like aftertaste in your mouth, which is usual even for popular e-liquid brands.

The e-liquid comes in a 60mL glass bottle with detailed labels including warnings and ingredients displayed. It is placed inside a fancy, Instagram-worth cardboard box too. All the information needed are also available on its decorative website. The impressive packaging and brand presentation clearly show that Mr. Macaron is flexing its marketing muscle hard.

Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow is a high VG e-liquid. To reveal the flavor’s sweetness and cloud flavor, it is best used on high performance sub-ohm tanks or RDA/RDTA devices in high wattages and coil resistance levels at or below 0.5 Ω. This is also all the more suitable for the Smok Alien 85 Premium MOD Kit 85W TC, as its TFV8 Baby Beast tank would surely extract the best of this juice. You also should think twice if you intent to vape in the plus-ohm territory.

Mr. Macaron is a brand made by the popular Mad Hatter Juice, the brilliant mind behind the all-time favorite I Love Donuts and I Love Cookies vapes. Mr. Macaron was officially introduced to the public last September. While some say that Mad Hatter Juice’s reputation made Mr. Macaron a big hit, its undeniably delicious taste is what surely made people want for more.

This flavor also received the Spinfuel Choice Award for Excellence in 2016. It was recognized not only for its high quality brand and delicate packaging but also for its detailed labeling, flavor, and big clouds of vapor.

Mr. Macaron Vanilla Marshmallow comes in 0, 3, and 6 mg/ml nicotine strengths. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol  (PG) ratio of 70VG/30PG. Some sites are selling this exquisitely tasty treat for $22 (some even $30), but do not fret mate as offers this for only $18.90 (now that’s a lot of savings!).

After reading this review, head on to the site already and make sure to get a taste of Mr. Macaron’s Vanilla Marshmallow – a crunchy meringue shell with a smooth ‘n’ creamy ganache and gooey marshmallow with vanilla bean.