NKTR Guava E-Liquid by SQN Vapor

The growth of vaping across the world has had a tremendous effect on the tobacco industry. But it’s not just big tobacco companies that have been affected. The rise of the vaping industry has created a more demanding consumer, who has thousands of e-liquid brands and flavors to choose from. The old simple tobacco flavors like menthol and peach don’t just cut it anymore. In response to this development, e-liquid manufacturers have had to up the quality of their e-juice brands while being very creative in the flavors they make. Vapers demand premium e-liquids created with innovative refreshing and natural flavors. SQN Vapors, a US e-liquid manufacturer is one of the few companies making a name for themselves in the saturated and competitive vaping industry. Southern California based SQN Vapor were able to distinguish themselves by doing what no other company is doing. They became the first to create premium e-liquid blends using Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN). TFN allows SQN Vapors to produce high-quality e-liquids with intense taste and flavors.

NKTR is the first SQN Vapor premium e-liquid line made with TFN. The flavors in this pioneering line include Mango, Pear, and Guava. Vapers who enjoy the unique taste and flavor of Guava would have a pleasant time vaping NKTR’s Guava. This e-liquid is arguably one of the closest e-juice on the market that has been able to replicate the clear taste and flavor of guava.

NKTR Guava has the distinct taste of a ripe guava. The flavor of this e-juice scents tropical, just like a clear summer day. This is an e-juice than can for sure be vaped all day long.

On the inhale, NTRK Guava has the unique flavor of a guava fruit that has just been cut open. The sweet but subtle flavor is very refreshing. Despite its subtle nature, the tropical flavor of this e-juice gradually grows on the taste buds especially during the exhale. NKTR Guava has a very bright and refreshing after taste that calls for more hits.

NKTR Guava contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. Both natural and artificial flavorings were used in the production of this e-juice. NKTR Guava works with both a sub ohm tank and on a rebuild able atomizer (RDA). However, for best, the best tasting results use this e-liquid with a tank. And like other flavors in this SQN Vapor line, NKTR Guava was made to leave very little stains on your coils.

NKTR Guava produces a good amount of vapor enough to meet the expectation of the average cloud chaser. The clouds which this e-juice produces has a clean and fruity taste. The clouds are also quite thick, and as such, they seem to linger in the air for a little bit longer. NKTR Guava has a very smooth and subtle throat hit. Weirdly, the throat hit you get from this e-liquid is quite similar to its taste. This premium e-liquid also comes in varying nicotine levels that range from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The SQN Vapor NKTR line have similar low levels of nicotine.

NKTR Guava comes in both 30 milliliter and 60-millilitre glass bottles. The box features an image of a sliced ripe guava. The image of the guava with its seeds showing lays on a black back ground.

A 30 ml bottle of NKTR Guava can be bought at vapefu.com for $19.97. The other e-liquids in the SQN Vapor line Mango and Pear can also be bought at vapefu.com. NKTR Guava  comes with an attached dropper.