NKTR Mango E-Liquid by SQN Vapor Review

Mango is a very highly rated and sought after tropical fruit with a very distinct taste and aroma. The sweet taste of a ripe mango is so unique that it cannot be mistaken. It is no surprise that the flavor of this fruit has been has been used extensively in the vaping industry. There are several e-liquid brands on the market which feature the taste and flavor of mango. Despite the extensive use of mangoes in the vaping industry, a US e-liquid manufacturer has managed to standout.

NKTR Mango, which is made by SQN Vapor and is arguably one of the best mango flavored e-liquids currently on the market. This e-liquid really tastes just like a freshly sliced ripe mango. You can surely taste the sweetness of the mango flavor when you vape NKTR’s Mango. This e-juice is part of the SQN Vapor NKTR line of e-liquids that are the first to be manufactured with 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) ingredients. According to Southern California based SQN Vapor, using TFN allows them to create more high-quality e-liquids with clean amplified flavors and tastes. Beside Mango, the other flavors in this SQN Vapor NKTR line include Guava and Pear.

NKTR Mango features a very pure e-liquid that has the simple taste and bright flavor of ripe mangoes. You can taste the sweetness of the mango flavor every time you inhale this premium e-liquid. And when you exhale your taste buds will be filled with a blend of sweet and sour flavors. NKTR Mango like the other flavors in the SQN Vapor NKTR line features a delicate blend of sweet sour and tangy flavors. This premium e-liquid has a very memorable after taste.

NKTR Mango contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30. This e-juice also contains natural and artificial flavors. Like other SQN Vapor e-liquids in its NKTR line, this e-juice has a high VG content which makes its ideal for a sub ohm tank. You can also use NKTR Mango on a rebuild able atomizer (RDA). Most vapers can’t stand e-liquids than stain coils and cotton easily. I mean who wants to regularly change their coils. If you are one of those vapers, then you will enjoy using NKTR Mango. This e-liquid was specially designed to offer vapers a clean vaping experience. NKTR Mango was built to produce minimal carbon buildup on your coils.

NKTR Mango also provides good clouds due to its high VG content. The clouds which this high-quality e-liquid produces would be enough to pass the standards of most reasonable clouds chasers. Besides the quantity of the clouds it produces, NKTR Mango also has a very nice fruity aroma. When you vape NKTR Mango, you will get a very smooth and mellow throat hit. This almost subtle throat hit is consistent with SQN Vapor e-liquids. When you vape their e-liquids regardless of the flavor, you can be guaranteed of getting a smooth throat hit. The NKTR line also features a very low nicotine strength level that may disappoint vapers used to higher amounts of nicotine. NKTR Mango comes in nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

NKTR Mango comes in a neatly designed black box which bears the picture of a sliced ripe piece of mango. SQN Vapors only produces this e-liquid in a 60 ml bottles. These glass bottles also bear the same design as the box. This e-liquid also comes attached with a dropper.

NKTR Mango can be purchased at vapefu.com at for $24.97. NKTR Pear, another e-liquid in the SQN Vapor NKTR line can also be purchased at vapefu.com for $19.97.