One of the biggest reasons why electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are becoming a more attractive alternative to conventional cigarette smoking – aside from the health benefits, of course – is that they’re available in a variety of different flavors to satisfy any type of smoker. In other words, a smoker won’t have to sacrifice taste or quality when they make the switch to this alternative smoking method – a big reason why e-cigs continue to gain popularity in the consumer marketplace.

However, unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cig flavors come in disposable varieties – and not standard packs. Two of the most popular flavors are premium menthol E-Juice and cool menthol E Liquid Here’s a quick overview on the difference between these two popular flavors, and how these e-cig flavors can add to the alternative smoking experience:

Premium Menthol E Juice

Considered the “go-to” e-cig flavor for any menthol smoker, premium menthol e-juice e-cigs are characterized by a smooth, fresh taste with that final blast of minty flavor from the e-liquid. Premium menthol e-juice, fittingly, is considered a premium flavor – so it’s a high-quality product that offers a high-quality flavor. Here’s a look at some more details about premium menthol:

  • It’s the e-cig for the traditional menthol smoker
  • Made from high-quality oils to offer the best all-around taste
  • Smooth and fresh, just like a conventional menthol cigarette
  • Available in four nicotine levels – high (2.4%), medium (1.8%), low (1.2%), and zero.

Cool Menthol E Juice

Designed for menthol smokers who enjoy a little bit of an icy kick, cool menthol ejuice is a popular e-cig flavor that offers a blast of cool flavor. It is an ideal flavor for those that enjoy chewing icy gum, or like a more crisp menthol cigarette. Here’s a look at some additional features of the flavor:

  • Offers an icy cool vapor flavor blast
  • E Liquid Available in four nicotine levels – high, medium, low and zero
  • It’s a bold flavor that’s not for everyone but enjoyed by those looking to add a bit of an additional kick to a standard menthol e-cig e-liquid


One of the most attractive features of e-cigs e-liquid today is that they’re so similar in flavor to their traditional cigarette counterparts, so you don’t sacrifice taste or quality when you make the switch to this alternative means of smoking. Cool menthol and premium menthol E Juice are just two of the available e-cig flavors that are becoming major players on the market – but they’re certainly not the only ones

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