Review of Kanger CUPTI

The Kanger CUPTI was released about a year ago by Kangertech. It is the second version of the Kanger NEBOX. A few months after, Kangertech released the Kanger CUPTI 2. It is the latest device from the company that has a better version of its original vape mod.

First Impression

A new all in one device by Kangertech is the Kanger CUPTI 2. Its tank is still inside the mod just like the original version. This new device also has an ergonomic design so it can fit perfectly in your hands. The tank has a 5ml capacity and this device takes dual 18650 batteries. These are easy to replace and can be charged using the USB cable that is included. The CUPTI 2 has a temperature control mode and the wattage range for this device is from 80-100W. This device also has an adjustable air flow with a fairly large drip tip.


The CUPTI 2 has a unique feature that has been added by the company. It features a Tank Adapter tube which can transform the device into a box mod. You also can use any of your 510 threaded sub-ohm tanks instead of the built in tank which has a CLOCC coil. This device is the next level for an all in one feature for Kangertech.The micro-USB port has been placed at the side of the device for better visibility. This is just located near the LCD display and the interactive buttons.

Vapor Quality

The CUPTI 2 produces a solid amount of vapor which is a solid performance of the said device the same as with its original version. A rich flavor comes out from its stainless steel coil. All the buttons from the CUPTI 2 work well and its display is easy to read. The location at the side of the unit has made it easier to read. These features had been upgrades from the previous versions of Kangertech’s products. The company has considered all the feedback from the customers and has made all these upgrades to its latest device.

The CUPTI can support both MTL and DL vaping styles. The starter kit includes a pre-installed 0.5 CLOCC that is made of 316L stainless steel. This is great for direct-to-lung hits. It also has an extra 1.5 CLOCC that is made of nichrome and is best for mouth-to-lung inhales.

Mod Design

The CUPTI is made of zinc alloy which gives the device a lighter weight and a sturdy profile. A Pyrex glass tank is located along the side of the mod that can store up to 5ml of e-juice. There is also a maximum fill guide line on the device to help you with not to spilling the juice. There is also a vertical window with this device so you can view the contents.

A round fire button is located near the top on the other side of the mod. The switch has been set high so you will not accidentally press it when gripping the device. A patented battery vent is located near the middle of the device. This lets hot air come out from the 18650 chamber. The CUPTI is ergonomically designed for you to comfortably vape all day.

Two adjustment buttons and an OLED screen is located on top that is next to the drip tip. The CUPTI also has a display to show you the atomizer resistance, voltage, wattage, temperature, battery level, and vape mode. You can press the plus and minus buttons simultaneously in order to flip the screen orientation. There are several e-liquids that work well with this latest device. You can check out these e-juices from e-juice New Zealand.

Replaceable Components

There are two drip tip choices that you can get with the Kanger CUPTI. There is a broad cap that has a wider diameter. This type of drip tip is perfect if you want to inhale huge clouds. This also is perfect for hits that are direct to the lungs. Another drip tip included in the starter kit is the slim 510 drip tip. This is designed for those vapers that prefer a cigarette-like draw.

You can easily clean the Pyrex glass tank since it is removable. This way, you are able to remove the taste of the e-liquid that has recently been used. If in the event, this tank breaks, you are able to purchase a replacement from KangerTech. There is a static chimney that is fixed on the top cap that can also be taken out for cleaning.

The atomizer is the most crucial component for the device’s tank. The CUPTI is also compatible with CLOCC atomizers that are made of nichrome for variable wattage mode. It also is compatible with CLOCC atomizers made of stainless steel that is best for temperature control vaping.

Top Airflow Control

You are able to cool the vaper before it reaches your mouth since the air flow valve of the CUPTI is located right under the drip tip. There is a pair of 10mm by 2mm horizontal slots drilled around the top cap where the air is drawn in. This feeds directly into the coil.


Kanger has made a lot of improvements to this latest device. This is a solid mod that you can be proud of and is worth adding to your vape collection. The CUPTI 2 has been made as a slightly modified device based from its original version. This device is easy to use and is extremely effective for your vaping needs. This can be purchased through Vape Store New Zealand.