Review Of The 15th E-Juice By Broke Dick

Broke Dick is located at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL and the company makes e-juices that are made of fine fruit mixes. One of its e-juices is the 15th e-juice with a rich distinct taste of the banana cream pie. There are a lot of choices with Broke Dick and you get to have the best from each e-juice bottle.

Flavor Description

When you get to taste the 15th e-juice, you right away can taste its banana cream pie flavor. When the taste seeps into your mouth, you also get to savor the other flavors of peanut butter and whipped topping. The sweet flavor coming from these ingredients will stay in your mouth and make you want to keep coming back for more. You do not tire easily with the taste. In fact, the flavor comes naturally that you tend to think that it is not coming from the juice. It is like eating these flavors one by one. There are a lot of other vape juices that you can get, but the 15th e-juice is one product that Broke Dick is proud of. Broke Dick makes these juices with unique mixes and it can last for a long time. It is like eating a piece of cake but just different. The juice that comes with these different flavor mixed into one is worth it. You can vape anywhere and experience the rich flavors that come with the 15th e-juice. If you try this once, you definitely would want to try it again. You even would want to make it your permanent juice because you do not get tired of the taste. Once it enters into your mouth, it makes an impression of not leaving your system.

Nicotine Strength

There are three nicotine strength categories when getting the 15th e-juice. The juice is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The nicotine comes in the 3mg and 6mg and that is enough for those who like to have nicotine in their juice.


The ratio that comes with the 15th e-juice by Broke Dick is 70vg/30pg. The juice is thick and is the best ratio when it comes to dripping.

Throat Hit

You almost cannot feel any throat hit with the 15th e-juice by Broke Dick. The calming feeling when the juice is inhaled makes you relax. You can actually say that the throat hit for this product is just enough for your vaping.

Vapor Production

The clouds stay a long time once it is exhaled. Broke Dick made sure that there is a right amount of vapor production in this e-juice. The thickness of the clouds is just enough for you to enjoy vaping. You can show off the clouds with your friends because it is guaranteed that it is thick enough for a showmanship.


The 15th e-juice comes in a 12oml bottle. The label on the bottle has just the right shade of yellow for it to be pleasant to the eyes.


The 15th e-juice by Broke Dick is the best cheap vape juice. It only costs $22 for a 120ml bottle. This price is excellent for your daily vaping needs because it’s just the amount that is the best value for your money.  It is a reasonable price for one that has a lot of flavors mixed in it. All the ingredients that come with this total package may seem expensive but it’s not. It is easy to purchase the 15th e-juice by Broke Dick since it is available on the company’s website.  You can also choose from the other flavors that are available also on the website. This product is a must try because it is a cheap e-juice. The price is great and the whole package of the e-juice is awesome.

You get the satisfaction of vaping once you have tried the 15th e-juice by Broke Dick. There is no need to look out for another since Broke Dick has it all in a bottle. With the competition in the market today, the company has done its part to make distinct e-juices that will make you come back for more.