SEA Pods Pre-Filled Nicotine Salt Pods Review

Sea Pods are arguably one of the best pods for the Juul on the market today. Sea Pods come in a variety of flavors. The e-liquids are made with high-quality ingredients, so they taste great and vape smoothly. Regardless of the type of e-liquids that you enjoy, there is something for you in Sea Pods collection.

Sea Pods e-liquids come with nicotine salt. If you have been vaping for some time, then you must have heard about nicotine salt. This type of nicotine is different from freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt e-liquids give you a smoother throat hit.

Blueberry by Sea Pods is a blueberry-based flavor that will appeal to most vaping enthusiasts. You can taste the fresh, ripe blueberries when you vape this e-liquid.

Another Sea Pods e-liquid is Blueberry Menthol. This vape juice is a blend of ripe blueberries and refreshing menthol. These two flavors come together harmoniously to create a premium vape. Blueberry Menthol is ideal for the summer season.

Mango by Sea Pods is another impressive e-juice. As you can tell from its name, this is a mango e-juice and it tastes very realistic. The mango is ripe, sweet, and juicy. Although there are many mango e-liquids on the market, Mango by Sea Pods is one of the best.

Pineapple Lemonade by Sea Pods is a combination of ripe pineapples and fresh lemonade flavor. This is an exciting e-juice with a sugary sweet and sour taste. If you have a thing for lemonades, this is the vape juice for you.

Raspberry Menthol by Sea Pods is a blend of ripe raspberries and menthol flavor. This e-juice is recommended for raspberries lovers. Raspberry Menthol is ideal for the summer season.

You are in for a treat with Sea Pods e-liquids. A pack of four pods is going for $12.90 at