Strawberry Guava by Fruit By The Ounce Review

A sumptuous blend of ejuice, Strawberry Guava by Fruit By The Ounce is a tasty pairing of ripe strawberries and creamy tropical guava. You will immediately notice the sweet fragrance once you pop open a bottle of this ejuice. This sweet fragrance will make you want to vape on immediately. When you breathe in the vapor from this e-liquid, you will taste the genuine kind of strawberry-guava blend treat. It is an extremely reviving vape juice and each breath out gives out an elegant sensation in your mouth. You might need to vape throughout the day with this e-juice. There is no chemical trailing sensation from this e-juice. The sweetness of this e-liquid is perfect and you won’t become easily bored with the taste. This is one e-fluid that is ideal for a regular vape juice. There might be different products with a similar flavor, yet Strawberry Guava stands out amongst the other e-juices available on the market today.

With simple and attractive packaging, Fruit By The Ounce’s Strawberry Guava E-juice has a bottle that is clear and a white sticker boldly bearing the Fruit By The Ounce logo. The logo is printed in white on a black background on the front of the bottle with the ‘Strawberry Guava’ inscription right below it. You will also see the information about the product clearly printed on the bottle. You will not have to worry about spilling the contents since the bottle cap is tightly locked in place. This product has a dropper style cap. Don’t let the simplicity of the bottle fool you though. The content with its unique blend and extraordinary flavor more than makes up for it.

Fruit By The Ounce surely continues to maintain its place as an incredible vape juice manufacturer with an amazing ability for blending different variations of minty, sweet and pleasant fruity flavors. Investment in high-quality flavor extracts and blends has always been a major key to Fruit By The Ounce E-Liquid’s success. The great name in the vape juice manufacturing industry that is Fruit By The Ounce has been strongly devoted to using high-quality ingredients since its establishment. Their commitment to high standards in manufacturing e-liquids is clearly seen in the amazingly refreshing and delicate flavors contained inside each Fruit By The Ounce vape juice bottle. Strawberry Guava is no exception.

There are three nicotine levels available for this juice. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg nicotine levels. More often than not, people who don’t have any cravings for nicotine or are simply trying out or sharpening their vaping skills pick the 0 mg level. The 3 mg will give that inconspicuous nicotine hit, while the 6 mg is the standard go-to for many e-juice users. Although 6mg nicotine level is considered very low, it does suit substantial smokers. But if you want a kicking throat hit, you are better off going for the 6mg or you could mix it with another e-juice that has a higher nicotine level. Of note, there isn’t quite a solid answer in the matter of what nicotine level you should begin vaping with. Finding the ideal nicotine level is even more an individual inclination than a prescription and it exceptionally relies upon your nicotine hit desires.

Strawberry Guava eLiquid by Fruit By The Ounce is a strawberry smoothie in vape form. With guava thrown into the mix, it makes for an amazing flavor throughout. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of Fruit By The Ounce Strawberry Guava E-juice is 70/30. There will be no issues using sub-ohm tanks or drippers since the juice has a medium level of thickness level to it. 70 VG e-liquids gives off a substantial amount of cloud and so does the Strawberry Guava.

You can practically taste the strawberry on the first note. It is moderately sweet, has a fine consistency, smooth and complex with quite a fine blend balance, something that most e-liquids lack. This basically hits almost every other typical strawberry flavor right out of the park. With a mild throat hit, Fruit By The Ounce Strawberry Guava E-juice gives a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat and it does not hurt at all. It’s quite pleasant actually.

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