TAATs Herbal Cigarettes Flavors Review

Are you wondering how to cut down on your nicotine consumption and eventually quit the habit? Well, the best way to go about it is to find a scientifically proven and result-oriented alternative, such as TAAT herbal cigarettes. These cigarettes provide the same feel and effects as conventional cigarettes but are made with natural ingredients. This ensures that you consume a safer, non-addictive alternative. 

Tobacco and nicotine are some of the most harmful compounds on the planet, responsible for millions of death each year. These are the main ingredients in traditional cigarettes, and quitting smoking is the only way to avoid the multiple adverse effects. This is where TAAT herbal cigarettes come in;

What are TAAT herbal cigarettes, and how do they help with smoking cessation?

TAAT herbal cigarettes are nicotine and tobacco-free cigarettes made from a mixture of hemp, water, and food-grade ingredients. These cigarettes look, taste, and feel the same as ordinary cigarettes but are safer and cheaper. The product is available in 3 different flavors: TAAT original, smooth, and menthol.

Each stick is infused with 50 mg of CBD, a cannabinoid that helps relax your nerves, among many other benefits. These cigarettes are carefully processed to remove debris, resulting in a clean product with uniform moisture content. Some more reasons to love TAAT cigarettes are:

  1. They only use food-grade ingredients.
  2. They are legal in most US states and throughout the world.
  3. Has no unpleasant taste or smell.

Benefits of TAAT herbal cigarettes 

Relaxes your senses: TAAT cigarette relaxes your senses. Each cigarette is infused with 50mg of herbal extract (CBD) that helps you calm your nerves.

Non-addictive product: TAAT cigarette is free of nicotine and a free tobacco cigarette. It’s high time for you to avoid using cigarettes that have both nicotine and tobacco, which will result in bad addiction to nicotine.

Soothes your sense: it has a light taste of natural herbs, and in each puff, you will remind yourself of the taste, scent, and favorite pack of smokes you like.

Produced in the USA: TAAT cigarettes are made in the USA from hemp plants cultivated by American farmers. The hemp is organically grown, meaning the final product does not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, or metal. Each product comes with a certificate of analysis to ascertain the ingredients, potency, and lack of harmful ingredients. 

It can be an excellent present: you can try getting your beloved TAAT cigarette as a present on birthdays, thanksgiving, or any other day.

Why TAATs cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes?

TAAT cigarettes are 50% cheaper per pack.

TAATS is not addictive. They are made with zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Since it doesn’t have nicotine, you will not have a continuous craving like a tobacco smoker. TAAT helps you reduce your dependency on nicotine. TAATS will satisfy all your cravings because they have a similar taste, scent, and flavor to a tobacco cigarette without nicotine.


If you are looking for an effective alternative to cigarettes, look no further than TAAT herbal cigarettes. The product effectively mimics traditional cigarettes’ feel, taste, and appearance for an exciting experience. The fact that they are tobacco and nicotine-free lets you know that TAAT is concerned about your safety and health. Pick your favorite TAAT flavor today and enjoy a safer and more fulfilling smoking experience.

Where to purchase TAAT herbal cigarettes

You can buy TAAT cigarettes directly from the Trytaat website for $6.99 a pack. Each pack contains 20 sticks, enough to last a considerable amount of time. You can also purchase a box that contains 10 packs inside for $59.99.