The Smok Alien AL85 85W Box Mod Review

You may have heard the Smok Alien mod if you are a Smok fan. You may even have tried to use the device. If you have not gotten one for you yet, you may want to try the latest from Smok. The Smok Alien Baby AL 85 TC Starter Kit is one popular choice. This comes in a smaller package and many find it irresistible.

 Contents and Product Specs

The Smok Alien Baby AL 85 Mod comes with the e-cigarette and a TFV8 Baby Tank which has a 3ml capacity. A pre-installed V8 Baby Q2 Corre 0.6 dual coil comes with the kit and it has a V8 Baby Q2 Corre 0.6 dual coil as a replacement. Additionally, one USB cable for charging is also included in the kit. along with a user’s manual. There also is an assortment of spare parts.

The device is 71mm by 48mm by 27mm by size. It is light and weighs only 120 grams. This device is rated at 85 watts of power and has a voltage range between 0.35 V and 8.0 V. When using TC Mode the coil resistance is at 0.06-3.00 ohms. If operated in a Wattage Mode its coil resistance is at 0.1-3.0 ohm. This device has a temperature control and it lets you achieve temperatures between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check out more about this device at

The Important Points

The Smok Alien may not have the power output compared to other products of the same brand but this device can still deliver the sustained power needed for thick clouds. It also can still deliver great taste with the power that it’s got. The inclusion of the TFV8 Baby Tank helps in producing more than enough vapor for this device. This is the best e-cigarette for its size.

This device is also handy. It can fit in your pocket easily because of its small size. It is also useful if you vape in settings that require you to be discreet without getting too much attention from others. It also has an attractive appearance and people will want to know more about it.

There are different colors available for the Smok Alien Baby. These colors are black red, gun metal, champagne gold, and silver. It has a simple appearance with an outstanding decorative finish to it. It’s one device that you can use anytime for your vaping needs. It also works well with any e-liquid of your choice.

The wattage of the device can be adjusted from the home screen. There is also an option for you to adjust the vaping mode for this device. The battery power can reach up to five hours when you use it with the Baby Beast tank and with 60W. That is a long life considering its size. It may last longer though if you use a lower wattage power when vaping using this device.


The Smok Alien Baby is a smaller version of the one that came out ahead of this. It is basically the same features from the Smok Alien but on a smaller scale. The power output may not be great compared to the bigger version but it works well with its size and features. This device has all the power to deliver the best type of vapor and taste. It definitely can satisfy a wide range of vaping fans. This can work well for either beginners or advanced vapers. It is one device that is great to add with your vaping collection. All in all, this entire new device from Smok works just fine. The great thing about this is it can be carried anywhere and is a good vape when you are fond of traveling, It can easily fit in your pocket or in your bag. You can vape all day anywhere and anytime. If the battery is a little bit of a problem, you can always get a spare battery especially when you are on the go.