Traveling and Vacationing with Vaping

As restrictions on traditional cigarettes continue to grow, e-cigs allow you to get the nicotine your body craves without many of the constraints

U.S. travel and tourism is a $2 billion per year industry, and it is considered one the biggest trades worldwide. One of the great things about our world today is the ability and freedom to travel the 50 states with relative ease.
But now, concern about the dangers of tobacco smoking has led to laws restricting people’s freedom to choose where and how they can travel.

Whether it’s through air travel, road trips, or cruises, e-cigs are coming to the aide of travelers and adventurers by giving smokers back the freedom to travel without sacrificing the social aspects and cravings of cigarettes.
Read further to find out how can you easily travel with your e-cigs.

Air Travel and the TSA

As the fastest way to get from one place to another, air travel has become one of the primary modes of transportation for business and vacationing. It also happens to be the strictest. With all of the restrictions on air travel after 9/11, people often assume that bringing e-cigs on an airplane is not permitted – that however isn’t true.

According to Blogger Bob of the TSA blog team, “E-Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular and I’m happy to report that TSA has no problem with e-cigs being packed in your carry-on or checked bags.”

That being said, there are a few restrictions about e-cigs that you may want to know about before you head to the airport.

Vaping on Airlines and in Airport Terminals

E-cig use is generally prohibited on the aircraft itself. Even though e-cigs are smokeless and harmless to other passengers, many airlines still include them in their rules in order to prevent concern and alarm during the flight.
Vaping in airport terminals is also generally prohibited, but some airports have designated smoking areas. If an airport doesn’t have specific restrictions on using e-cigs in the terminal, then it’s recommended you bring some information about your device to show TSA and security officers if needed.

Security Checkpoints

While guidelines about vaping in airplanes and terminals vary by location and company, travelers are always free to pack their e-cigs in their luggage. Here are two recommendations that I have read here – you can follow to reduce the likelihood of being held up at the checkpoint.

Pack e-cigs in carry-on luggage. If possible, put your e-cigs in a bag or purse you plan to take on the plane with you. Although quickly gaining public attention, many people still aren’t familiar with vaping, and they may be discarded by airline employees if they are stowed in checked luggage. If this happens, you won’t be around to say otherwise.
Separate the battery and cartomizer. To make the process go smoother at the security checkpoint, detach the battery from the cartomizer and run the battery through the basket with all the other small metal objects, like your phone, keys, wallet, and belt.

E-liquid Containers

The TSA forbids all liquids in containers greater than 100ml in carry-on luggage, so be sure the amount of e-juice you bring does not exceed the allowed amount. You will get nicotine e-liquid in 10ml bottles, so all you need to do is place them in a plastic baggy with all of your other liquids to adhere to TSA guidelines.

In general, e-cigs are permitted on air travel as long as they are safely packed, but when it comes to vaping in terminals or on the plane, the rules vary by airline and airport so ask about specific policies. Also, be sure to check the laws regarding vaping for your intended destination—some countries prohibit e-cigs within their borders.

Road Trips

E-cigs even make traveling in a car a more pleasant experience. Ash, smoke and used cigarette butts can all be a hassle when smoking on a long road trip. The only choices smokers have are to let the mess build up in the car, wait for a smoke break at the next stop, or litter—none of which are very good options.

Vaping, on the other hand, is ash-free, smoke-free, butt-free, and hassle-free. E-cigs allow drivers to vape cleanly and conscientiously by eliminating all of the downsides of smoking on the road and giving them the freedom to get that nicotine craving whenever they want.

But the benefits of road travel don’t stop there.

If you are traveling with a non-smoker, you don’t have to worry about their discomfort with e-cigs since they only emit water vapor rather than seeking, eye-itching smoke.

With tobacco smoking, tar and smoke can build up in the confines of the vehicle, even if a window is cracked. This can be uncomfortable for fellow passengers and inhibits one of the most crucial elements of every road trip—conversation.

Car talk can be impeded when you have to roll down the window while driving down an interstate to let the smoke out. Not so with e-cigs. Passengers and drivers experience no eye irritation, and you can continue the conversation all the while.

Although more stores and truck stops are carrying e-cigs, a selection is limited to a few brands. If you need a specific battery, you likely won’t be able to find one on the road – unless you’re traveling by our store in Chicago of course!
Therefore, it’s best for you to order e-cig supplies online before your trip to make sure you have plenty of your favorite e-cig flavors and accessories.

Lastly, the one thing you don’t want to forget on a road trip is your e-cig car charger to recharge the batteries while you drive. That way you can enjoy vaping on the road the whole trip.

Cruising with E-cigs

An increasing number of tobacco bans have been implemented in the cruise industry, making traditional smokers rethink their vacation plans. While smoking is still permitted in designated areas (open decks and cigar lounges), most of the major cruise lines—Princess, Holland America, Norwegian, Carnival, and much more—have prohibited smoking in passenger staterooms, casinos, bars, and any other enclosed room on the ship.

One option that tobacco cigarette smokers and “cruisers” have on a ship is e-cigs.

Most cruise lines currently allow e-cigs in areas that are banned for tradition smoking. E-cigs don’t involve burning—eliminating any fire risk—and since the lasting smell of tar and smoke are replaced with odorless, harmless water vapor, ships are more lenient with vaping on-board.

Also, since there is no threat of secondhand smoke with e-cigs, cruise companies are less concerned about vapors endangering passenger’s health. Unfortunately, because of the confusion e-cigs may cause by looking similar to traditional cigarettes, some boats do not allow vaping in the dining rooms. Check your cruise line to see what their specific guidelines are regarding e-cigs on-board.

Vapers should consider getting a personal charging case before going on a cruise. Unlike airports and cars, ships generally do not have traditional outlets to recharge your e-cig battery, and if they do, you are usually too busy to sit around waiting for a battery to charge anyway. Personal charging cases charge your e-cig batteries on the go, and can easily fit in a pocket or purse.

Travel Checklist

We all know how chaotic packing for a trip can be—whether you are flying over the Atlantic, taking a road trip across the country, or cruising to the Bahamas. So, in an effort to ensure that you don’t forget any vaping supplies, here is the e-cig travel checklist:

E-liquid—The amount of e-liquid you will want to bring depends on how much you typically use, but take enough bottles of e-juice to last the whole trip, in case you can’t find any along the way or at your destination.

Charger—Consider where you are going and how you are traveling to decide whether it is best to bring a personal charging case, or a car, USB, or normal charger.

Cartomizer/Clearomizers—Make sure you take enough cartomizers or cartomizers to last the duration of the trip. At least more than one is recommended so that you can alternate cleaning and refilling

Batteries—Bring more than one battery so you can alternate recharging your e-cig. How many you need depends on your typical usage.

E-cigs are a no-brainer when it comes to traveling and vacationing. With all the benefits that vaping brings to the modern traveler, people everywhere are switching to ecigs to quit smoking for their health and convenience.

We encourage you to experience the freedom of traveling with e-cigs by considering one of our products. Our electronic cigarette starter kits come with everything travelers will need on their trip.

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