V2 Pro Series 7 Hype: Worth It?

The V2 Pro Series 7 has been nothing short of impressive on the market. Most of this has to do with V2 taking seriously its approach to an optimal multipurpose vape. The Series 3 didn’t quite cut it in the loose leaf department. But, just because it vaporizes three mediums really well, is it as good as its hype?

There are some important differences between the 7 and the 3, where often the 7 is referred to as an “upgrade,” but this really isn’t the case. The big challenge with loose-leaf vapes is that they can take a long time to heat up the herb in question, and so a faster heating system is in demand. Of course, short of carrying a small car battery around, this means a reduction in battery life. Still, the V2 Pro Series 7 “splits the difference” here by managing about 1.25 hours on average for vape time on the battery. On the low end, sure, but that’s why chargers exist.

Over all, it’s fairly safe to assume that you can’t do much better for a starting price of $150 (sorry, $149.99). That’s notable itself, with the various cartomizers being affordable themselves (no, I won’t call anything here “cheap”). Is it worth it, in the long run, to head to the Series 7 if you like all kinds of vaping?

Most say yes, and the agreement in the review circuit about most of the 7’s qualities only makes its price tag look even better. Much of its popularity could have to do with openness about marijuana in Oregon and Washington recently. This is a political — and social — shift that grants some simplicity to the kinds of products people can carry around safely. No need to stash one illicit vape for certain things at home and hit the club with the legal one. In these states, and for the more daring beyond, an all-in-wonder machine like the 7 is perfect. And it actually is about as perfect as the word perfect itself. For everything we mean by calling an answer to our prayers the “perfect” response, V2 definitely delivered. It’s hard to imagine, even with the hobbyist criticisms, that V2 will ever need to make another addition to their Pro Series line.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to at least consider the Series 3, compare on your own, and see which suits. The only common complaint on the Series 7 is its size, but remember, it’s a powerhouse, not a fashion statement.