Vape Coils Review

A vape coil is a spiral-shaped wire wrapped around a vape device. A vape coil is used to heat the e-liquid in vape devices and turns it to vapor for inhalation.

Changing the coil between one or two weeks of usage is advisable, although it is not guaranteed

The coil is located at the heart of a clearomizer. The diagram below shows a clearomizer that helps in the process of vaporizing the e-liquid.

Vape coils are measured in ohms.

How to Use A Vape Coil

Vape coils are used to convert e-liquid to vape and thus come in contact with high temperatures hence having a reduced lifespan. You are advised to use a high resistance coil to enable it to last longer. To get better performance from the coil, you should set a suitable wattage for your e-cigarette.

Components of a Vape Coil

A vape coil can be made from a variety of materials. These materials include:

  • Nickel: A very pliable and thin wire. It is challenging to use this material to design your coil.
  • Kanthal: An alloy of three different metals. It is best used in designing coils because it is consistent, takes power quickly, and does not require unique settings.
  • Nichrome: Same as the Kanthal, only that it has two metals.
  • Stainless steel: A readily available and maintains its shape.
  • Titanium: Used with e-cigarettes that have control in temperature.

Types of Vape Coil

Most individuals choose to design their vapor coil. If you want to create your vapor coil, consider using rebuildable atomizers to achieve flexibility of the coil. Do you prefer an already made coil? Below is a variety of types of vape coils to select from;

  • Vertical coil: This is a singular wire wrapped in a coil shape running from the bottom to the top of the metal.
  • The triple coil: It has the same shape as the vertical coil, but they are three wires, not one.
  • Dual coil: It has the same shape as the vertical coil but has two wires wrapped around the metal.
  • Mesh coils: It looks like a piece of mesh with small holes, not a coil. They have a large surface area, thus producing great flavor.
  • Net coil: They are similar to mesh coils but have larger holes.
  • Multiple coils: This type of coil has more than three wire coils. It has a large surface area used for DL vaping.
  • Twisted coil: This coil has multiple wires wrapped around each other to make a coil. 

The amount of vapor and strength produced will help you determine the type of coil to select.

Factors to consider before changing the coil of a vape

Most coils have a lifespan of one to two weeks. In case you experience the following features, you can opt to change the coil:

  • Burnt taste:- In case your coil has a burnt taste, you have to change the coil
  • Less flavor:- Once you notice less flavor from your favorite flavor, you have to change the coil because when the coil starts to fail, the e-liquid will produce less flavor.
  • Less vapor:- If you experience a sudden change in vapor strength, it is obvious you have to change the coil.
  • A gurgling sound:- A gurgling sound indicates an accumulation of e-liquid on the coil. In case of this, you have to change the coil.
  • A leaking vapes tank:-in case you notice the e-liquid leaking, you have to replace the coil

Final Remarks

A vape coil is a key to consider while choosing a vaping pen. Do you want to buy a vape coil but don’t know how to go about it? Check out online stores such as West Coast Vape Supply for premium vape coils.