Vape Wars Loop City E-Juice Review


Nicotine Strength  0mg 3mg 6mg

Bottle Size  60ml

VG/PG Not Specified

Price  $9.49 / 60ml bottle


A perfect and irresistible bowl of Fruit Loops blended with a creamy vanilla milkshake.


A Star Wars inspired e-juice is what entered my mind right away after seeing this e-juice. It’s contained in a white bottle with the Logo and brand name clearly printed at the center and the flavor on the lower part of the bottle. The design certainly explained the flavor which is fruit loops with a vanilla milkshake.

It has dropper style cover to help you fill your tank easily without any spill. It comes in a 60ml bottle.

The Flavor

Eating fruit loops with a vanilla milkshake is one of the most memorable breakfasts we  had before heading off to school when we are young. The variety of bright colors with a blend of fruit flavors which are ring-shaped is definitely awesome for either breakfast or even a midnight snack.

The flavor of our favorite cereal with vanilla milkshake is in this delicious and yummy e-juice. It does hit every taste bud with its savory Fruitloops flavor and the creaminess of vanilla milkshake. The sweetness is just fine and it does not leave too much sweetness on the aftertaste. Feel the deliciousness of fruit loops cereal upon inhaling and the hint of creamy rich vanilla on the exhale. This e-juice is amazing and it really does bring me  back to my childhood breakfast days. Though cereals are served usually in the morning, I can go for vaping this anytime of the day.

Throat Hit

I got 6mg nicotine strength for this e-juice, which I don’t normally do. In my opinion, it has a bit stronger throat hit than the other e-juices I’ve tried. Though it’s stronger, it is very much tolerable and does not make my throat dry or irritated. There is a sensation on the inhale but no harshness. This e-juice definitely give an amazing vaping experience and I would definitely try the 3mg nicotine strength for the throat hit I want.

Cloud Production

When it comes to cloud or vapor production, Vape wars Loop City definitely gets a good score. Big and generous amounts of clouds are produced and they do not disappear right away.  The clouds from this e-juice will certainly give you the idea that you are smelling fruit loops with a vanilla milkshake. It literally has the same cloud scent as what the flavor is.

Nicotine Strength

This e-juice comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Again, it depends on your preference if you want a smoother throat hit or a stronger one. Simply alter the nicotine level according to how smooth or strong you want it to be. The higher the nicotine strength, the stronger the throat hit will be.

Where to Buy?

Vape Wars Loop City is available online from Strictly Juice for a very affordable price. They also have a wide range of e-juice flavors that are offered at a very cheap price, which you will surely love.

Final Verdict

This e-juice is all about the actual flavor of fruit loops with a vanilla milkshake. The right amount of vanilla and cereal that hits every taste bud is very hard to resist. Having an absolutely enjoyable vaping experience while exploring different yummy flavors of e-juices is what Strictly Juice desires for us vapers. Plus, it comes with a very affordable price. This e-juice has the right amount of sweetness with the creaminess and rich flavor. It actually just like its description. The cloud production is great and definitely will make those cloud chasers enjoy their vapors. It has a gentle smoothness when it comes to throat hit and no yucky aftertaste at all. Definitely worth a 5-star rating. Try this fantastic e-juice; it just might be your next favorite.