Vapetasia Killer Fruits Disposable Vaporizer Review

Vapetasia is a reputable brand that has consistently released top-tier vape juices for almost ten years, which is like an eternity in the vaping scene. The Vapetasia Killer Fruits disposable vapes are the first range of disposables that the brand has developed since they ventured into making vapes. One thing is certain – Vapetasia is a leading brand for a reason. 

The vapes comprise all the features that make up the ultimate vape device when coupled together. The disposables are portable, easy to use, have a large e-juice capacity, and provide an outstanding experience. Add these devices to your collection, and it is guaranteed that they will be your go-to vaping devices soon enough. Here is what to expect from the Vapetasia Killer Fruits disposable vapes. 

Product features

Large vape juice capacity and rechargeable battery

Vapetasia killer fruits vapes have an enormous 10ml e-juice capacity, which is paired with a powerful, integrated, and rechargeable battery. Combined, these two guarantee vapers up to 2500 smooth and flavorful puffs. Not many brands will offer such a high amount of puffs as they tend to settle on 1500 puffs and lower. Vapetasia understands that even though the device is disposable, longevity and value for money are essential. 

Three delicious, mouth-watering flavors

The Vapetasia killer fruits disposables are available in three very delicious flavors. Each vape is guaranteed to hit just the right spot, leaving you wanting more and more. You can find these vapes in the following flavors.

Blue Razz: berry lovers will highly appreciate the authenticity of the Blue Razz in mimicking the taste. This vape treats your taste buds with some enticing hints of blue raspberries characterized by sweetness and creaminess. 

Trapple: sometimes, a blend of different apples is all you need to turn your day around. The trapple combines the sweet, tarty, and tangy tastes of red, green, and golden apples for the perfect vape. 

Straw Guaw: who knew mixing guavas and strawberries would be this palate-provoking. Treat your taste buds to this medley of sweet and flowery notes with hints of sourness. 

50mg of tobacco-free nicotine

The e-juice contains 50mg of synthetic nicotine. This type of nicotine is pure as it contains zero traces of harmful tobacco. The Vapetasia killer fruits disposables contain safe ingredients and are considered a perfect alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. 

Exceptional mouth to lung vaping

The device comes with a 1.5-ohm coil that supports mouth-to-lung vaping. Enjoy the exceptional vapor production and the vape’s ability to produce flavors in their glorious states. Vaping with Vapetasia disposables offers a new, exciting experience that will have you revisiting the sessions frequently. 


No doubt, the Vapetasia Killer Fruits disposable vape is one of the best devices on the market. Vapetasia has taken its time to create a vape that resonates with the needs of vapers in terms of different flavors and vapor production.  This product is highly recommended. 

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