What Flavor Extracts Should I Use in My DIY E-Liquid?

With the number of vapers increasing every day, there is all the more reason to learn more about the individual ingredients used to make e liquid. Vaping itself is considered to be safer than smoking considering that it only contains a handful of FDA approved ingredients. However, one of the most commonly mistaken is e liquid flavoring which will be the focus of this article. “Flavoring” represents a multitude of different chemicals both natural and artificial. It also represents an unknown when it comes to the health risks of vaping.

What is E Liquid?

You probably know it under many other names; vape juice, e juice, or e-cigarette liquid. They all refer to the same thing. E liquid is a viscous liquid that is used to fill an electronic cigarette or e-cig. The e liquid is heated by the electronic cigarette to generate a cloud of vapor and nicotine (you can always get e liquid without nicotine though).

E liquid is ideally a mixture of food-grade flavoring, a choice of nicotine level, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, or both. All these chemicals used in making e liquid are recognized as safe by the FDA for human consumption.

What Flavor Extracts Should I Be Using in E Liquid?

What Are Flavor Extracts?

If you bake, or if you already have some experience in vaping, then you should be familiar with what flavor extracts are. In vaping, flavor extracts are the magic behind an e liquids exciting flavor.

An extract is a concentrated solution that contains the complex, alcohol-soluble oils, resin, and other compounds that are found in the physical fruit, herb, spice, or nut that is being extracted. Using them yields a tastier output since, in vaping, you cannot use the actual ingredient itself. Usually, flavor extracts are made by extracting the flavor of the source ingredient into a liquid base, usually alcohol. For example, a vanilla extract can be made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol for an extended period of time.

Note that flavor extracts are incredibly concentrated and powerful and so you need to be careful while using them. Also, flavor extracts for baking and vaping may not always be the same. While buying your flavor extracts for e liquid, make sure to get the ones intended for vaping and not just your average food flavor extracts.

Flavor extracts are great for vapers who are not afraid of a creative challenge. There are hundreds of alluring and economical options in the e liquid market to choose from. This makes the e liquid flavor possibilities endless, and all the more reason you do not want to be using the wrong type of flavor extracts.

What Is the Difference Between Flavor Concentrates and Flavor Extracts?

Let’s use pure vanilla as an example. The difference between a pure vanilla flavor extract and a pure vanilla flavor concentrate is the percentage of pure vanilla. The flavor concentrate will contain less percentage of vanilla bean extractions, while the flavor extract will contain a greater percentage of vanilla bean extractions. This means using them in an e liquid mixture will differ since the same percentage of a flavor in a flavor extract cannot equal to the same percentage of that same flavor in a flavor concentrate.

What Flavor Extracts Should I Be Using in E Liquid?

In essence, flavor concentrates contain a milder formula than flavor extracts. They are a combination of natural and artificial flavorings in a bid to replicate the taste of the physical flavor. Both flavor extracts and flavor concentrates are FDA approved as safe for consumption.

Flavor Extracts in E Liquid

When you go to buy e liquid, or ingredients to make your own e liquid, there is no obvious difference between e liquid flavor extracts and food flavor extracts. Finding the difference is essential because food flavorings are FDA approved for consumption, that description does not cross over to inhalation.

A good rule of thumb is to read the ingredients on the flavor extract you plan to purchase. You will want to avoid flavoring that is part of the diketone family such as diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl. These are known to be hazardous if inhaled. You want to also avoid oil-based flavorings.

To save some time, flavorah has an array of flavor extracts that are specifically made for vaping, and at affordable prices. You get to enjoy an array of flavor extracts to spice up your vaping experiences while at the same time making sure you are inhaling the right ingredients.


Various reports have shown that food-grade flavor extracts, especially the ones not intended for vaping can be incredibly dangerous to your health, especially your lungs, and they may not give you the same pleasurable vape experience.