If you’re new when it comes to e-cigs and vaping, chances are you’ve heard plenty of terms mentioned, and haven’t got a clue what they actually mean. For instance, you’ve probably heard the term Cartomizer, and while you know that it helps produce the vapor, you may not know exactly how it works, or how it’s different than other methods of producing vapor in eCigs. Let’s take a look at it.

What is a Cartomizer, Exactly?

A cartomizer is a cartridge of e-cig juice that contains an atomizer. Many are disposable, but some are reusable. Those that are disposable can sometimes be refilled, if you are careful with refilling. To understand a cartomizer, one has to understand what an atomizer is and how it works in the cartomizer.

understand what an atomizer is and how it works in the cartomizer.



The Workings of the Atomizer Inside the Cartomizer

The atomizer is what causes the eCig juice to vaporize so that you can vape. In a cartomizer, it is made up of a coil, connectors to the battery, a batting or polyfill material, an air passage, and if it is a horizontal coil, it will have a wick.

The Vertical Atomizer

With the more common vertical atomizer inside the cartomizer, the coil is wrapped around the air passage at the base and has its connectors close to the battery connector. Its tank has polyfill material that holds the juice.

The Horizontal Atomizer

The horizontal coil system uses a coil that runs at the center of the air passage and runs horizontally instead of vertically. Its tank has polyfill material that holds the juice as well. The horizontal coil is wrapped around a wick which brings in e-cig juice into the coils.

Which is Better, Really?

Which type of atomizer in the cartomizer is better depends largely on your preferences. Because the horizontal atomizer’s coil doesn’t touch the polyfill material, there’s less likely of a “burnt” taste once most of the juice is gone as you might get with some vertical coil systems. However, vertical coil systems may work better than horizontal systems when it comes to higher voltages. You’re more likely to go through more e-cig juice if you have a horizontal atomizer that is being run with a higher voltage. What’s more, horizontal atomizers sometimes have trouble supplying the juice to the very thin wick. So, you may just have to try both types out to figure out which you prefer.

A Word on Refilling Cartomizers

Depending on how much you vape, you may be thinking about refilling your cartomizer. You can certainly do this, even with disposable cartomizers, but there is a chance of getting the aftertaste of the previous juice, should you choose a different flavor. For this reason, you need to either stick with the same flavor or buy a cartomizer for the new flavor you want to vape. That way you can enjoy your e-cig to the fullest.


To learn more about e-cigs, and how they work, have a look at our awesome infographic on how e-cigs work. Until then, make sure you keep your e-cigs filled with some SV vape juice.