Wotofo Faris RDTA

Wotofo Faris RDTA is a clever creation. Created by a partnership between Vape Geek Q8 and Wotofo. This atomizer has been built with great quality. It has a removable tank and a squonk capability. This makes switching from a RDTA to a RDA easy. To new vape users, they may not know what that means. So here is the breakdown of it. Rebuild-able Drip Atomizer or RDA vape means it requires the user to drip the e-juice onto a coil. The RDA provides a great vaping experience with its intense flavor and lots of vapor clouds. It’s also easy to maintain and manage, as well as stable and great performance. Rebuild-able Drip Tank Atomizer or RDTA is an atomizer that has a tank with an auto drip function. Normally, the RDA vape user would have to pull of the cap and drip onto the wick all the time, not with a RDTA. This makes this atomizer a great choice.

            The Wotofo Faris RDTA is mostly a RDTA, but users can change it to RDA by removing the 3ml tank with a base. It comes with a side filling duckbill style silicon fill port. This allows the e-juice to come in but stops it from going back. This helps prevents leaks. There is also a way for a vaper to customize the coils between a single or dual coil. The Faris has a postless build deck and a 4 side secured terminals on the base of the build deck. This allows for coil customizations. Faris also has its own airflow design. The RDTA has a pocket hole style air inlet that allows air to travel straight from the bottom to the top of the coil. This greatly increases the performance. A vaper can also fit a squonk mod as well by using the squonk pins it comes with.

            Yet, a big problem for atomizers is steam condensation. It can cause a bad evaporation experience. The Wotofo Faris has a barrier inside the cover to stop the condensation from rising along the inner wall. This improves each spray. With all these features, vapers will love the flavorful experience.      

            The Wotofo Faris RDTA come in 5 different colors, bronze, rainbow, SS or stainless steel, gold, and black. On each color option the company’s logo is facing front and center. The logo is a knight, which in Arabic is what Faris means. A knight is strong and adaptable. The Faris RDTA is no different. The material of the Faris is made out of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. That gives the Faris its strength. Along with its adaptability from RDTA to RDA it also resembles a knight. When you purchase this you get, 24 karat gold plated 510 contacts, 510 squonk pins, and 510 RDA pins. The package has the Wotofo Faris RDTA, an user manual, 1 wicking mouth, 1 extra 810 drip tip, 1 2ml frosted Pc can tube, 1 framed staple Clapton coil, 1 bag of agleted Japanese cotton, and 1 extra bag of springs and screws. All of this costs $24.99 on the Wotofo website, with its original price being $29.99 vapers can get a great deal.